Whole Leaf Tea Doesn't Have To Be Complicated - Your Guide To The Perfect Flavour

Whole Leaf Tea Doesn't Have To Be Complicated - Your Guide To The Perfect Flavour

Shop.lifebyequipe.com love a nutritious cuppa by We Are Tea. They are an independent, whole-leaf, ethical & tasty tea company (60 Great Taste Awards don't lie!) who make premium quality Loose Leaf Tea, Whole Leaf Teabags and Tea Infusers.

Not sure what flavour to try? Want to be more of a tea connoisseur?

It's time to know your oolong from your infusion - use this guide to help you know what each We Are Tea flavour tastes like* (*spoiler alert - tastes great!).

Black Teas in loose leaf and tea bags by We Are Tea


Strong, smooth and handsome.

Feeling a little bit sluggish?

Rise and shine with this range of black teas and stay energised throughout the day.

Shop Black Teas by We Are Tea »

Oolong teas by We Are Tea


Smooth, mysterious and beautifully balanced.

Sitting somewhere between black tea and green tea, oolong is packed with antioxidants whilst also providing a much welcome caffeine boost.

A sophisticated choice.

Shop Oolong Teas by We Are Tea »

Green Tea by We are Tea


Light, bright, beautiful and an absolute must-have on any menu. Leading the way with its purifying and metabolism-boosting properties, these gently caffeinated teas are the real deal

Shop Green Teas by We Are Tea »

White Teas by We Are Tea


Delicate, subtle and graceful - a rare gem.

Grown on a very limited scale, white tea produces a delicate liquor with a hint of natural sweetness.

Low in caffeine but high in antioxidants - what's not to love?

Shop White Teas by We Are Tea »

Infusion Teas by We Are Tea


Great diversity and naturally caffeine-free.

They may not come from the tea plant (Camelia Sinensis) but they sure make for a delicious and colourful cuppa.

All hail the power of fruit, herbs and flowers!

Shop Infusion Teas by We Are Tea »

Super Teas by We Are Tea


We Are Tea believe that it's the small, everyday changes that make a real difference.

That is why they partnered with a nutritionist to great their Everyday Good range of teas that taste great.

Need to sleep or be alert? Need to protect against bugs or soothe bloated tums? There is a tea for you.

Shop Super Teas by We Are Tea »

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