Who Makes Your Whole Leaf Tea? Behind The Brew With We Are Tea

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Who Makes Your Whole Leaf Tea? Behind The Brew With We Are Tea

Shop.lifebyequipe.com love a nutritious cuppa by We Are Tea. They are an independent, whole-leaf, ethical & tasty tea company (60 Great Taste Awards don't lie!) who make premium quality Loose Leaf Tea, Whole Leaf Teabags and Tea Infusers.

How We Are Tea Began

We Are Tea began way back in 2006, in a teashop, in a back street of Budapest. Our founders Spence and Suze were on holiday, albeit not the most relaxing one as Suze came down with a bout of pneumonia, but they stumbled upon a tea room & found respite in a cup of Moroccan mint tea.

They thought “hang on someone’s missed a trick here, why don’t we have tea shops like this back in the UK?!”

Winning Tea Shop

Back home and a year later, our tea shop opened its doors, becoming a regular pit stop for the office workers of St Pauls. Tea lovers have come a long way since the days of chucking a dusty tea bag into a cup of hot water! So the café did well, everyone loved the tea, we won numerous awards, then disaster struck. Just as we were looking to open up a second tea shop Occupy London hit! Due to theft and vandalism the shop sadly closed.

A New Beginning

All was not lost! From customer requests to enjoy great tea at home we launched our retail business and secured the first of many national listings, you will now find us in cafes, restaurants, delis, hotels, gyms & spas. Yay! We are a small but mighty team of 6 working to get our tasty tea into as many cups as possible.

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Why We Are Different

Our unique beginnings as a teashop meant we were able to tweak our blends to perfection with feedback from paying customers – basically the best focus group possible!

This has resulted in a top quality brew (60 Great Taste Awards don’t lie ☺). In the past tea has been seen as mundane and habitual, we like to do things a little differently giving tea a platform to shine. By devising tea-based g&tea cocktails and inducing serious food envy with our tea infused recipes, we are offering an exciting alternative to coffee and soft drinks, attracting those who typically shy away from tea.

Whole Leaf & Nothing But The Leaf

Beyond tea, ethics is at our core. We love our world and where possible try to give it a helping hand. Our team of 6 are taking steps to reduce our personal impact on the environment as well as the businesses.

We supply our cafes and restaurants with 100% compostable takeaway cups and lids – made out of sustainable forest paper with a bio-plastic lining. Unlike regular plastic, bio-plastics are made from corn and can biodegrade completely in commercial compost within 12 weeks. Pretty amazing stuff.

Sadly, in the UK over 7 million plastic lined takeaway cups are thrown away every day and so by teaming up with London Bio Packaging we hope to try and inspire others to do the same and put the environment first!

We are also one of the few tea brands with fully biodegradable, compostable tea bags made out of soilon, a bi product of corn starch.

We Are Tea Range available at shop.lifebyequipe.com

Our Range

We offer a range of premium teas; black teas, white teas, green teas, oolong teas, function-led teas and infusion teas as either loose leaf tea or whole leaf biodegradable tea bags. Whole leaf, and nothing but the leaf! Keeping the leaf whole means the leaves retain their great taste and endless health benefits.

Whilst coffee can be one dimensional (hits you with that steep caffeine boost) teas can wake you up, calm you down and everything in between! We pride ourselves on removing the faff, fuss and price of premium tea, our tea infuser (Simplicitea) is the perfect accessory to our loose leaf teas.

The Future

We know we still have a way to go, this year is due to be a big one as we commit to our guilt-free sipping campaign by removing plastic completely from our packaging. (All plastic that has ever been made still exists in the environment, a giant 9 billion tonnes!)

Us Brits drink 165 million cups a day with a large majority of these being tagged teas. We will be removing tags from our foodservice & hospitality tea bags to become the first premium tea brand to fully ditch all tags to save on paper challenging others to follow suit. #treesbeforetags

All tea and no tree!

We want to help consumers and encourage our competitors to promote environmentally friendly, guilt-free lives.


Not sure what flavour to try? Want to be more of a tea connoisseur?

It's time to know your oolong from your infusion - use this guide to help you know what each We Are Tea flavour tastes like* (*spoiler alert - tastes great!).

Black Teas in loose leaf and tea bags by We Are Tea


Strong, smooth and handsome.

Feeling a little bit sluggish?

Rise and shine with this range of black teas and stay energised throughout the day.

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Oolong teas by We Are Tea


Smooth, mysterious and beautifully balanced.

Sitting somewhere between black tea and green tea, oolong is packed with antioxidants whilst also providing a much welcome caffeine boost.

A sophisticated choice.

Shop Oolong Teas by We Are Tea »

Green Tea by We are Tea


Light, bright, beautiful and an absolute must-have on any menu. Leading the way with its purifying and metabolism-boosting properties, these gently caffeinated teas are the real deal

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White Teas by We Are Tea


Delicate, subtle and graceful - a rare gem.

Grown on a very limited scale, white tea produces a delicate liquor with a hint of natural sweetness.

Low in caffeine but high in antioxidants - what's not to love?

Shop White Teas by We Are Tea »

Infusion Teas by We Are Tea


Great diversity and naturally caffeine-free.

They may not come from the tea plant (Camelia Sinensis) but they sure make for a delicious and colourful cuppa.

All hail the power of fruit, herbs and flowers!

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Super Teas by We Are Tea


We Are Tea believe that it's the small, everyday changes that make a real difference.

That is why they partnered with a nutritionist to great their Everyday Good range of teas that taste great.

Need to sleep or be alert? Need to protect against bugs or soothe bloated tums? There is a tea for you.

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