Who Makes Your Kids' Healthy Snacks? Behind The Biz With Naturelly

What Is Naturelly?

Naturelly Jelly Juice Snack For children

Naturelly make yummy, wibbly jelly fruit juice snacks for children - Naturally sweet with nothing naughty added!

Made with scrumptious real fruit juice blended with water and a special gelatine free, tummy-filling gellan gum - a natural dietary fibre found in Lily plants!

It's a healthy snack that’s fun for kids and helps stop cravings for sugary snacks. Simply give it a shake, jiggle and wiggle before serving and slurp. It is extra yummy when chilled or frozen too!


Available in multipack cases of 12 in 3 delicious flavours + a multi flavour pack

£12 for Cases of 12 (RRP £1.19 for singles)




Behind The Biz

- Interview with Joanne from the Naturelly Family

What is 'wellness' to you?

Looking after my body, eating right and exercising

What is your inspiration behind your Naturelly range?

I wanted to create a fun and low in sugar snack that my kids could enjoy. Della my youngest daughter has food allergies and I found it hard to get her snacks for her lunch box. Naturelly is free from all the 14 allergens and has NO added sugar OR sweeteners.

What are your customer's favourite flavours of Juicy Jelly?

Summer Fruits is a clear winner in terms of sales but my favourite is Tropical, you can really taste the passion fruit which is really yummy…

How involved are your kids in the brand?

Very involved – we call them the bosses…They are our taste testers / peeps on the street we really value their option…. Though sometimes Alivia (age 8) can be a little too bossy ;)

Why is the Naturelly a great snack?

Naturelly Jelly Juice Snack for Kids

Naturelly is made from natural ingredients including real fruit juice and purees blended with a natural dietary fibre called Gellan Gum and 100% Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C.

Naturelly contains no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial colours, flavours or artificial preservatives!

It's school approved so can be added to lunch boxes and it’s suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is coeliac society approved which makes it a great everyday snack.

AND its only 7.5 grams of naturally occurring fruit sugar, which makes it one, if not the lowest sugar content in fruit-based snacks on the market today….. This list could go on, but I don’t want to blow my own whistle too much 😉

What is a typical day in the life of the Naturelly team?

Literally the phone doesn’t stop ringing….. I wish!! The day mainly consist of Dean (my husband) and I making sales calls and coming up with ideas of how to evolve the business. We are always working on Naturelly product design ideas and making sure that all orders and stock are dispatched correctly. But the number one question we ask ourselves every day is ‘How do we increase sales!!!

What workouts do you love doing ?

I personally love kettlebell workouts. I have a set of kettlebells and I often go on youtube and find a workout I can do in the garden or spare room at home.

What tunes do you love playing when you are working out?

At the moment my favourite song is Jungle – Happy Man. This will be playing while I workout.

Where are your fave places to workout or ideal wellness location?

As the weather has been so nice lately I’ve been working out a lot in my garden which is lovely especially in the mornings before it gets too hot.

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

For me personally, I find that working out really helps me to maintain a healthy mindset, I feel so much better after a workout and I feel down when I haven’t exercised. I know that to stay positive I need exercise in my life but sometimes it can be hard to stay consistent.

Who are your inspirations or ambassadors you would love to work with?

Recently my husband met Paul Lindley, founder of Elle’s Kitchen. I’d love him to become a part of advisory board for Naturelly as I real admire his journey and would love to work with him. Elle’s Kitchen - what an amazing success story!!

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

Naturelly has just launched in over 555 Sainsburys stores nationwide so this as it stands is a pretty amazing achievement – YAY! And hopefully it’s the start of a new chapter in the Naturelly brilliant journey that myself and my husband are on…..!


Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits Naturelly Jelly Juice

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits Naturelly Jelly Juice

Apple & Blackcurrant

Apple & Blackcurrant Naturelly Jelly Juice

Variety Pack Mixed Flavours

Mixed Flavour Variety Pack Naturelly

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