Wellness At Work : Product Recommendations For Hydration & Snacking

Wellness At Work : Product Recommendations

Forward thinking companies are helping their employees' productivity by monitoring workloads and by using nutritional interventions & recovery strategies as listed in our article highlighting the importance of nutrition in the boosting of productivity (click here to read).

Life By Equipe have compiled a comprehensive list of ideal snacks for your workplace. This selection is compiled with the nutrients needed to maximise workers productivity and focus, and are super tasty - enough to give an all important morale boost when it comes to break times!


We all know how important hydration is for concentration and focus. Even low levels of dehydration affect focus, mood and work output, and every office should provide a water cooler or tap in close proximity for regular water top ups for employees. Here are some other hydration boosters with a few added benefits.

Point blank Cold Brew Coffee

Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

Caffeine not only gives you an energy boost, but recent research has demonstrated caffeine intake to enhance memory and memory consolidation. This could be a vital component for improving performance in the workplace. Point Blank Cold Brew's ready to drink products are available in cases of 6 or 12 and contain no additives or sugar - just quality, high in antioxidants, coffee.

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We Are Tea

For all the tea lovers out there, provides a range of whole leaf tea bags and loose leaf tea, in a range of delicious flavours. With workplace wellness in mind, we love the Alert whole leaf tea blend. This herbal tea contains lemon balm and gingko; gingko improves blood flow to the brain and enhances subsequent focus. This powerful ingredient is even now being used in medication to treat dementia.

The Super Berry tea is a fruity, caffeine-free alternative for different tastes, packed with red berries, rose and hibiscus.

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BumbleZest health shots are all natural, tasty and packed full of interesting functional ingredients in generous doses.

Bumblezest Health Shots

These powerful health shots contain no additives, preservatives or sugar; they are simply a blend of various ingredients designed with wellness in mind. They come in a variety of flavours, such as Rosemary, Thyme and Dragon Fruit. The benefits of herbs are vast; rosemary in particular aids digestion and recent research has demonstrated it can improve concentration when consumed regularly. These shots are tasty and unique and give good variety to employees daily intake. Most of the flavours of shots contain cinnamon and mint, two other ingredients high in antioxidants and which aid gut health.

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Life By Equipe stocks a range of healthy and interesting snack options with a range of unique flavours and ingredients to suit a variety of tastes.

For Anyone Who Loves Raw Chocolate! Elements For Life make an award winning range of raw chocolate products, all free from dairy, gluten, soya and refined sugars.

Raw Chocolate

Chocolate snacks are often many peoples first choice for a break time treat, but why not maximise the health benefits of your chocolate by choosing raw, unrefined treats? Raw cacao is a natural energy booster and contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, to enhance immunity and subsequently reduce disease.

Check out the Elements For Life collection here.

Rollagranola Delicious handmade nutty, luxury granola clusters with all-natural ingredients. All gluten free with Paleo, Cereal-free, Vegan & No-added sugar options.


Cereal is a popular way to start the day for many people as it is a tasty and convenient food. Rollagranola cereals have no added sugar and are gluten free, as well as containing high levels of nuts; perfect to regulate blood sugars and keep hunger at bay. Nuts have numerous health benefits, particularly with regards to brain function and focus.

View the Rollagranola range here.

Woza Premium biltong & South African inspired charcuterie snacks, hand crafted from British beef. Free from artificial preservatives, added sugar and gluten and has a lovely soft and moist texture.

Woza Biltong

Sometimes a savoury hit is what’s needed and what better than premium biltong crafted from British beef. Woza biltong come in a range of South African inspired flavours and contain no artificial preservatives, no added sugar and are gluten free. Rich in protein and iron, these snacks will keep you fuller for longer. Iron is a vital nutrient required by our body to prevent fatigue.

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Karma Bites Popped Lotus Seed on-the-go nibbles. Healthy, filling and delicious, these nutritious snacks are perfect for eating on the go, at your desk or as a post-gym guilt-free snack. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, Karma Bites have an option to suit all taste buds

Karma Bites

These popped lotus seed snacks come in both sweet and savoury flavours. The lotus seed is a little known product, yet is a tasty, filling snack. Lotus seeds contribute to gut and kidney health and contain an anti-ageing enzyme. With flavours like Peri-Peri and Coconut, vanilla and cinnamon, there will be a pack to suit all tastes.

Check out the Karma Bites range here.

Kinomi Nuts: Amazing Next-Level Nuts, Intriguing Spices, Japanese Flavours. Crunchy Pori Pori Almonds, exciting Waku Waku Cashews and new Bari Bari Barus, each one a delicious distinct flavour, coated with the Kinomi soya glaze. A natural plant based protein source and a satisfying snack

Kinomi Nuts

Kinomi nuts provide a high protein snack, loaded with Japanese flavours. Nuts are one of natures wonder foods, providing iron, magnesium and healthy fats.

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