Week 3 - Equipe Challenge with Move Your Frame

Two weeks ago we launched the #equipechallenge with Frame.

At the half-way point - how are you feeling?

Inviting YOU to change up your fitness routine, book classes with Frame, follow our variety-packed 4-week challenge is all about helping you to try new fitness classes and up your gains.

Last week the #equipechallenge players took on BoxFit, Reformer Pilates, a bit of Yin Yoga and signature Frame classes such as Lift & Total Body - basically every workout is covered with a strong arm workout focus with this ultimate cross-training challenge!

Not yet booked your Week 1 plan? Check out the details you'll need to start your anytime challenge here.

Check out Week 2's plan here.

Week 4 click here


Boosting your commitment in week 2

For Lou from Life By Equipe, doing 7 workouts a week of varying intensities has actually felt easier to accomplish, because she's already smashed a week of it. The mental block of feeling like you don't have enough time or not feeling like you are 'ready' for such a challenge goes away as soon as you prioritise fitness and health.

"Making full use of the Frame booking system got me committing to the week's plan in advance and all other to-do's were easily scheduled around what I know will make me happier, healthier and prouder of myself. If you know you'll be heading to Frame at peak times, get on the website, book classes up to 2 weeks in advance, prep your gym kit the night before and stick with it - it's much easier to haul-ass to the gym when you've done the ground work in advance. No waiting lists for me!!"

How did you find week 2?


Looking ahead to Week 3 of the #equipechallenge

Your half-way there! Happy vibes!!

Make sure you keep on drinking lots more water, have time to settle down for a few hours after exercising before you hit the hay and focus on eating healthy going into week 3.

Monday: TRX Train

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Box Fit

Thursday: Barre

Friday: Box Train

Saturday 2x: HIIT PT + Reformer Pilates

Sunday: Rest!!! You deserve it!

Check back here on LifeByEquipe.com or our social channels for the following weeks' plans!


Tips for the #equipechallenge

- Now that you know Frame have showers and a cafe, there is no reason to ever leave, right?! Take full advantage with discount class prices with either the Frame top up card or membership for some hefty benefits.

- You choose the Frame Studio that is easiest for you to get to - Queen's Park, Shoreditch, Kings X, Victoria and look out for the 2 newest studios opening in 2018.

- Had a busy week and not yet started the plan? You can also start the challenge any time - just simply follow the plan for week 1, week 2 here.

- Feel free to mix up the order of the classes you do each week if that fits your schedule best - just make sure that you have a lower intensity day after each high intensity day to avoid total carnage!!

Dare you to join in - book your week 3 challenge online here: moveyourframe.com


Check out what we have been up to for week 3: