Week 2 - Equipe Challenge with Move Your Frame

Last week we launched the #equipechallenge with Frame.

We invited YOU to change up your fitness routine, book classes with Frame, follow our variety-packed plan that changes weekly and give yourself a challenge this autumn.

Last week the #equipechallenge players took on Boxing, Reformer Pilates, TRX classes, yoga and signiture Frame classes such as Lift & Barre - basically every workout is covered with this ultimate cross-training challenge!

Not yet booked your Week 1 plan? Check out the details you'll need to start your anytime challenge here.

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How did you get on with week 1?

For Lou from Life By Equipe, the biggest changes she saw were the change in energy levels.

"From day 1's boxing class to day 6's double whammy - I was surprised by how energetic I felt at the end of the week. Normally the thought of 7 training sessions a week with 1 rest day would have made me shudder, but Lucia Farina's (Frame's Personal Training Co-ordinator) plan, mixed up the intensity on each day nicely and the variety of classes kept me motivated.

I ended up having a private Box Train class on Day 1 with the super motivational Terry Longmore, who's punching drills made my arms tingle for days. The Reformer Pilates, Barre and Yoga classes were welcome change in intensity throughout the week and helped to isolate smaller muscle groups after the explosive Boxing, TRX and Lift workouts.

I dread to think how many planks, plyo box jumps & tricep dips my body will be cursing me for now but actually after the initial DOMS, I noticed:

- I had better sleep each night (probably because I was knackared)

- I drank 2L of water a day...a healthy habit I'm looking forward to keeping up

- My normal sloth-like energy levels when PMS-ing were replaced with bursts of morning energy, which actually kept me motivated not to sack-off the plan and kept me focussing on technique when in class".

How did you find week 1?


Week 2 of the #equipechallenge

Now your body is adjusting to the shock of 7 workouts a week, make sure you keep on drinking more water and focus on eating healthy going into week 2.

Monday: Lift

Tuesday: Reformer Pilates

Wednesday: Box Fit

Thursday: Yoga

Friday: Box Train

Saturday 2x: Total Body + Pilates

Sunday: Rest!!! You deserve it!

Check back here on LifeByEquipe.com or our social channels for the following weeks' plans!


Tips for the #equipechallenge

- You don't need a membership to take part, Frame do drop-in prices too and the plan is simple enough for anyone to fit in around their stuff.

- You choose the Frame Studio that is easiest for you to get to and book those classes at the times that suit you!

- You can also start it any time - just simply follow the plan for week 1, week 2 etc.

- Feel free to mix up the order of the classes you do each week if that fits your schedule best - just make sure that you have a lower intensity day after each high intensity day to avoid total carnage!!

Dare you to join in - book your week 2 challenge online here: moveyourframe.com


Check out what we’ll be doing for week 2: