Tried By Equipe: F45 Stratford

Down by the picturesque Canal-side location of HereEast, Stratford (London) lies a hidden gem of a workout venue. Run by the experienced trainer Sam Gregory, a new branch of F45 is soon to open with a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL offer.

For the next couple of weeks, this branch of F45 is running FREE trial classes over the next 3 weeks to give you a flavour of what will be on offer once the venue is fully open. Equipe headed down to smash out a good workout…


HereEast, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (Stratford), London E20 3BS


F45 is a high intensity workout class, designed to give you a 45 minute blast of exercise.

The benefit of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is that it burns a maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time, meaning it is an efficient workout to choose and is a great fat burner. HIIT also has the benefit of being a good metabolism booster, meaning your body continues to burn a significant amount of calories even after the workout is over.

The exercises are done in a circuit, with 40 seconds work, to 20 seconds rest, so heart rates stay high and intensity is maintained throughout the session. The class is designed to give you a combination of strength and cardio workout.

Our class was led by Sam and his team, who did a fantastic job of explaining the workout, hosting a group warm up & cool down and giving much needed motivation throughout (but also gave suitable individual adjustments for exercises if needed), making it a great workout for most fitness levels. As well as some awesome tunes to keep you moving, there was a good mix of exercises from rowing intervals, to burpees, to battle ropes.

The high intensity nature of the class meant it didn't take long to get a sweat on, and really was a challenge from start to finish.

In this class, we worked in groups of 3 at each station, which was fantastic for motivation and helpful to give you a push when an exercise became a struggle. The 45 minute time frame means this is an ideal class to do in a lunch hour or before/after work, as it doesn't take too much out of your day. Be prepared though, it really is an intense 45 minutes!

Following the class, we headed down to the fantastic MotherWorks snack bar, to get a much needed recovery shake. This organic, vegan cafe offers healthy recovery and snack choices and is ideally location next door to the F45 venue.


To book on for your free trial class, click here or follow @F45_Stratford on instagram and reply to the picture advertising the trial class. It’s so worth a visit!

F45 Stratford will be opening Feb 2018! Check it out!