Save 20% Off Best Grip - Non Slip, Eco Yoga Mats by ONDETO

Best Grip - Non-Slip microfibre and cork yoga mats, combining beauty, functionality and eco-friendliness by ONDETO

Sustainable Cork & Microfibre Yoga Mats by ONDETO

Made with the future in mind

Using biodegradable or recycled, non-toxic materials for healthy yogis, ONDETO has designed a collection of dynamic Cork & Microfibre yoga mats, with tall-length, travel mat & premium cushioned mat options, combining beauty, functionality and eco-friendliness.

Encourage yourself (and those you love) to mindfully move, tooled with a mat that combines beauty, functionality and eco-friendliness.

✔️ Yoga Mat + Yoga Towel-in-1 for all yoga, pilates and gym workouts

✔️ 100% Natural Rubber Base + Eco Microfibre or Natural Cork top layer ✔️ The sweater you get, the more fantastic the grip becomes

✔️ Choose from 5 designs made with non-toxic water-based inks

✔️ Available in patterns for alignment guides, longer-length sizes, foldable travel mats and premium cushioned thickness

✔️ Easy to clean and comes with a carrying strap (travel mat comes in it's own carrying bag)

For every ONDETO item sold 5€ is donated to who are empowering

entrepreneurial women worldwide.

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Sustainably Harvested Cork Yoga Mats by ONDETO

Made from 3mm thick 100% natural rubber base with one layer of natural and renewable cork, giving a fantastic grip even when moist and keeping you grounded closer to nature.

✔️The natural surface temperature of cork is the same as human body temperature, meaning that you won’t get cold during long-held yoga postures.

✔️Cork is organically anti-bacterial so it provides the perfect clean and healthy surface for your yoga every time.

Eco Microfibre Yoga Mats by ONDETO

The stylish mat top layer is suede-like microfibre top that gives a soft yet firm anti-slip grip, especially when the surface is damp through water spray or sweat.

✔️These mats work in the opposite way to plastic mats as they get grippier the more you use them.

✔️Choose regular thickness mats, premium thickness mats, longer-length mats or travel mat - these can be folded up easily perfect to pack in a bag for your travels.