Meet Rollagranola: Top Notch Nutty Granola Which Focuses On Healthy Eating And Seriously Good Food

We've chatted to Robin Longden, the founder of Rollagranola - deliciously nutty, luxury granolas with all natural gluten-free ingredients for an all-things wellness look into their brand.

Rollagranola's range of paleo, cereal-free, vegan & no-added sugar options helps start your day with a good portion of energy, fibre and nutrients from tasty, luxury clusters, packed with nuts, seeds and fruit! More than just a breakfast treat, they can be enjoyed throughout the day – whether you’re at home, work, working out or on-the-go.

Fed up with mid-morning energy slumps?

Go nuts with Rollagranola for the best start to your day!

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What is ‘wellness’ to you?

Being the best you can in all you do.

What is your inspiration behind your brand & how did Rollagranola begin?

I sampled some artisan product in the US. This converted my other half to enjoying healthy food by experiencing excellent US granola, if they can do it why can’t we; so make nutty granola that tastes great, has identifiable ingredients and leaves you satisfied without feeling full.

What are your favourite flavours that you sell?

That's like asking me who my favourite child is - not an option, I love them all!

Which items are getting all the love from your customers?

Perfectly Pistachio, Zesty Caveman, Pecan and Maple, then there are fans who have their favourite across all the range.

What is you fave recipe you can make using your granola?

I am always rushing around so never have time to dwell, so I like something simple and really go for a very good Greek yoghurt like Tims with some of our granola and I eat the range as this is part of our test/validation process. Every product is eaten by us through the days.

The team at Life by Equipe love adding the Zesty Caveman flavour to this Sweet Stuffed Sticky Squash recipe by@nourishing.amy - click here for the recipe.

What workouts do you love doing?

I run 3 times a week along the tracks and footpaths near home - usually about 10-15k, most days stretching for core strength and eat Rollagranola daily, usually I run with a friend but sometimes on my own.

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

Smile more; compete with yourself not others; exercise and eat well & and enjoy the time spent; you never fail if your primary objective is to do as well as you can; indulge yourself in the odd treat and enjoy it…oh and never give up!

Who are your inspirations or ambassadors you would love to work with?

Too old fashioned for this, I am more keen on customers and what they want and their feedback - I am therefore inspired & challenged to be better by the passion of others who take the time to tell us what they think and what they like.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

Sometimes customers contact us and tell us their story, they tell us how our food has helped change their lives, this is spine tingling & humbling.

Future plans for the company?

Not much. Only change the world, one bowl at a time. Make our product available to many more people through all channels and all markets, without compromising our core values and proposition!

Rollagranola's range of moorish granolas supports a healthy lifestyle, making sure that only natural sugars are used to get the perfect result.

All their granolas have high levels of nuts, seeds and fruit, giving you a natural boost of fibre, protein, antioxidant & omega-rich oils.

Check out Rollagranola's Gluten-free,

No Added Sugar,

Paleo, Vegan and Indulgent Granola Range


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