Refreshing Limonana: The Most Popular Middle East Summer Recipe

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FYI: Miriam is a nutrition coach certified by ISSA, International Sports Science Association, and Hong Kong University, HKU Space, and loves to discover local ingredients around the world to explore new recipes for intolerances or specific needs.

Refreshing Limonana: The Most Popular Middle East Summer Recipe

Limonana Drink Recipe

This is the classic favourite summer drink throughout the Middle East, that you can also find in all touristic places in India.

It looks amazing, but it is actually super simple, and healthy! The trick is to blend a normal lemonade with mint and ice, don’t make it watery, and serve it straight when it is still frozen.

Refreshing and full of vitamin C for tropical high temperatures! It is traditionally made with white sugar, but for a healthier version, you can instead use a natural sweetener, like stevia or raw cane sugar.

1 cup water,

Lemon juice form 2/3 big lemons or 4-6 small limes,

1 handful mint leaves, fresh and washed,

1/2 cup ice cubes

(optional: 3-4 tablespoons sugar, raw cane sugar or stevia).

1. Squeeze the lemons, clean the mint leaves.

2. Mix them with the water, ice cubes, and sugar.

3. Blend it all until the mint leaves are turned into small pieces and the ice is totally crushed, and enjoy!


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