Qsilica Vegan Beauty Supplements For Healthy And Hydrated Skin, Hair & Nails

Qsilica Vegan Ingestible Beauty supplements that strengthen skin, hair & nails from within and help promote your body's natural collagen production. Australian, cruelty free & inspired by nature.

Are you missing your usual facials and treatments for a glowing complexion❓

Want a natural, ultra effective & cruelty free path to firmer, smoother and softer skin❓

Discover the range of Qsilica Vegan Ingestible Beauty Supplements that strengthen skin, hair & nails and help promote your body’s natural collagen production.

Qsilica - Australian, Cruelty-Free & Inspired By Nature

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Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails ONE-A-DAY Multi-Nutrient Tablet

💚 ONE-A-DAY Multi-Nutrient Tablets

Contains colloidal mineral silica, biotin, zinc and selenium in a convenient, once daily supplement to promote joint and bone health.

Silicon supports bone integrity, assists connective tissue production and supports the skin's structure and integrity, plus together with biotin and zinc, supports the health of your skin, hair and nails.

Selenium and zinc help reduce free radical damage to body cells. Qsilica multi-nutrient tablets can support nail, skin and hair growth and repair for those looking to maximise their outer vitality.

Qsilica Ceramosides™ + Antioxidant PRO COLLAGEN One-A-Day Capsules

💖 PRO COLLAGEN One-A-Day capsules

Contain patented natural wheat extract Ceramosides™, mineral silica, natural vitamin C & acerola berry to maintain skin health, support collagen formation and reduce free radicals formed in the body.

As our skin's ceramides decline with age, our skin becomes dry and itchy creating pulling sensations and wrinkles. Qsilica Pro Collagen's hero ingredient is Ceramosides®, a clinically researched, patented and natural wheat extract which supports healthy collagen formation and assists connective tissue production to help combat this problem.

Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails Original Silica Liquid Supplement 500ml

🖤 Not a tablet person? Skin, Hair & Nails ORIGINAL

is a colloidal silica formula with refreshing natural lemongrass to be added to water, juices or smoothies for a delicious and mineral-rich boost to help maintain collagen health + support the skin’s structure and integrity.

Qsilica Original Silica Liquid is a non-toxic, safe to use for replenishing silica mineral levels whilst containing no artificial colours or flavours. As part of the natural preservative system, the liquid has a refreshing lemongrass flavour due to the inclusion of natural lemongrass essential oil which helps to preserve the product’s integrity.


Proudly free from:

Sodium Benzoate

Animal collagen


Animal ingredients


PEG compounds