Point Blank's Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee Will Power Your Workout

Point Blank Cold Brew Coffee

So You're Counting Macros and Building Muscle huh?

Point Blank is the PERFECT energy source to aid a muscle-building strategy!

65mg of natural caffeine per 100ml, just 2 Ingredients - Coffee + Water, zero fat, zero sugar just 1 calorie, no additives or preservatives, no bitter aftertaste. You can get your mitts on these ready-to-drink Cold Brew Coffees, available in 6 Packs or 12 Packs.

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Cold Brew Coffee

6 Pack x 330ml Cold Brew Coffee

Each bottle is designed to be handheld at ease with a screw cap to keep your brew fresh. Bottled in 100% recyclable tetra packaging


Cold Brew Coffee

12 Pack x 330ml Cold Brew Coffee

What's better than a 6-pack? How about a 12-pack!

Perfect for morning fuel or post-workout recovery


Point Blank

Point Blank is a unique own blend of freshly roasted coffee which is steeped in cold water for up to 20 hours, filtered, and then bottled - simple!

Enhance your training with Point Blank

Here are 3 scientifically proven ways that caffeine does give you a performance boost - Click Here


Why you'll love Point Blank Cold Brew:

Cold Brew Coffee by Point Blank

Caffeine Controlled

Each bottle contains 65mg of caffeine per 100ml, which is the caffeine equivalent of two double espressos, or two cans of traditional energy drinks. The energy kick is quick and strong!

The Coffee

Point Blank's signature blend is a beautiful medium roast to bring out amazing flavours - and they only use specialty grade beans from some of the finest coffee growing regions around the world.

Natural Energy

With no sugar, no fat, no chemicals or fillers, no additives and no preservatives. Point Blank is a natural alternative to traditional energy drinks.

The Taste

The cold brewing process draws out the sweet chocolatey and caramel notes naturally found in the coffee, dramatically enhancing the flavour and drinkability.

Enjoy as a pre-workout energy boost or any time you need a quick boost of energy. Great for anyone with a busy lifestyle who needs a quick and easy way to get more zing in their step.