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MOVE, FUEL and RECHARGE. These are our main focuses for Life by Equipe to help spread understanding of holistic wellness, and provide you with proven ways to improve how good you feel on a daily basis.

Wellbeing Radio is a new and pioneering internet radio station for health and wellbeing, broadcasting across the UK, Canada and USA. There are some great resources for live & on demand content that'll help enhance your wellness.

We recommend checking out the 30 min Cosmic Soul Sundays sessions with Natalie Farrell here at this link

Natalie is the founder of Yummy Yoga Girl Luxurious Yoga Ware available on She invites women who are ready to change to speak up and talk about the RAW stuff, divorce, miscarriage, loss, career changes, shame, guilt, self doubt, eating disorders as well as all the wonderful beautiful things that come from devoting time to self love.

It's a chance to super charge your soul batteries ready for the week ahead and be introduced to women involved in wellness. Tune in to be inspired about how you can take more chances in life, figure out how to dream big and really make it happen. ⠀

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Cosmic Soul Sundays with Natalie Farrell

More About Natalie

Natalie is a bright light with an infectious smile and very loud laugh! As well as this she is a certified Wellbeing Coach, Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer, Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher, ambassador for Yoganect, contributor for In The Moment Magazine and founder of UK yoga wear brand Yummy Yoga Girl.

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Former vocal coach and singing teacher, Natalie Farrell changed career at the age of 35 to realise her business and personal aspirations to inspire women to be the healthiest versions of themselves in terms of mind, body and spirt. ⠀


No stranger to the barriers many people face when changing lifestyle habits, Natalie draws on her own self-development experiences from successfully overcoming an eating disorder in her late twenties to following her true desires.


With years of experience within the coaching field – Natalie offers life changing soul shifts for women stuck and frustrated with life. Sharing her teachings through speaking events, written articles, online coaching and wellbeing retreats.

Her work at Cosmic Soul School is unique as she utilises her professional coaching tools woven together with her creative and intuitive gifts. People have experience soul awakenings which are monumental to their life’s journey and soul’s purpose.

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Printed Leggings & Crops Sets, Tops & Cover-Ups by Yummy Yoga Girl
Printed Leggings & Crops Sets, Tops & Cover-Ups by Yummy Yoga Girl
Yummy Yoga Girl Creating beautiful, comfortable active wear that represent and celebrate individuality, creativity and above all, making the wearer smile, be happy and feel amazing
Printed Leggings & Crops Sets, Tops & Cover-Ups by Yummy Yoga Girl