One Earth Organics: Superfood Blends For The Whole Family

100% Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Superfood Blends

One Earth Organics make great tasting, nutrient-dense blends for both adults and children.

They make it easier for people to achieve true health with a minimum of effort, which is why their organic blends are created for easy and optimum use for the whole family.

Packed with ethically sourced ingredients including Cacao, Beetroot, Baobab, Chia, Acai Berry, Matcha and Acerola Cherry

Enjoy in smoothies, shakes, porridge, yoghurt, bakes, desserts, drinks, as soups and savoury dressings.

Gluten free, Sugar free, Dairy free, Wheat free, Raw ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals supporting a wide range of health benefits

They proudly support small family farmers and indigenous communities around the world - all their suppliers are responsible, Fairtrade and FairWild certified.

Let us help you find your perfect superfood blend -

Chocolate Dream Superfood Blend with Cocoa and Beetroot

Vanilla Zilla Vegetarian Superfood Blend with Vitamin C

Green Goodness Superfood Blend with Chia and Spirulina

Shine Bright Superfood Blend with Acai Berry, Goji Berry and Moringa

Coco Go Go Superfood Blend with Beetroot Matcha and Baobab

Rejuvenate Your Soul Superfood Blend with Sweet Baobab and Acerola Cherry


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