Noble Leaf One of the Top Small Businesses in 2019

A special welcome to our guest brand, Noble Leaf who are taking over the Life By Equipe Resource Centre today to encourage you to 'shop local' and support small businesses.

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The Mindful Tea Company

Noble Leaf is a passionate, independent tea company who are on a mission to build a conscious business that helps humanity return to wholeness through the world’s finest tealeaves. They source all tea directly from the tea gardens, working closely to not only bring you a great tasting tea, but to also ensure that standards are high. They pride theirselves on their mindful approach, not only in how they source and pack your tea, but also in how they work.

Noble Leaf was established in 2018, after three friends; Chris, Jonathan and Gen realised work was becoming all too consuming and they searched for another way. The three friends met at university in 2000, and although their professional lives took them on very different paths, they all came to the same conclusion separately – life is too hectic, they work too much, and they need to take more time for themselves. In 2017, Jonathan went on a journey of self-discovery and travelled the world. Chris joined Jonathan in India during his travels and they were particularly enchanted by Darjeeling. Here they uncovered a completely different offering of tea to that available in the UK. The seed had been planted and Chris and Gen started to work on a tea business, and on Jonathan’s return the company was founded.

Small Business Saturday Winner

Noble Leaf are excited to announce that they have been selected as 1 of 100 small businesses in 2019 to represent Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday (SBS) is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities. The day itself falls on the busiest shopping day each year, the first Saturday in December. This year is takes place on the 7th December and is designed to encourage customers to spend their money in independent, local businesses rather than big high street chains.

SBS each year highlights 100 businesses, 1 each day in the 100 days leading up to the main event. This year one of the companies selected is Noble Leaf, the mindful tea company, based in Stratford upon Avon, with their dedicated day on Thursday 19th September.

Noble Leaf are on a mission to build a conscious business that helps humanity return to wholeness through the world’s finest tea leaves. They source all tea directly from the tea gardens, working closely to not only bring their customers a great tasting tea, but to also ensure that standards are high. Noble Leaf source only the highest quality tea and have just been awarded a Great Taste Award for their Black Assam tea.

They pride themselves on their mindful approach, not only in how they source and pack their tea but also in how they work as a business.

Noble Leaf Co-Founder, Gen Rule commented, “initiatives like Small Business Saturday really help highlight the hard work and dedication that goes into starting and running a small business. As we are new and independent, we have the advantage of starting afresh, ensuring that every aspect of what we do is as ethical and as environmentally friendly as possible. We source excellent tea and have a great story; we just struggle to get that message out to our target audience and as we are a new business it can be difficult to be taken seriously when approaching larger hotels and restaurants.

Co- Founder Chris Rule continued, “SBS is so important, it helps small businesses connect with similar likeminded brands and collectively we can work together to create a stronger message and greater reach.”

Small Business Saturday is on 7th December 2019, for more information visit and look out for events happening both on your high street and online.

Noble Leaf are also planning a number of local events, details to follow.

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Noble Leaf


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Great Taste Award 2019 Winning.

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