My Fitness Journal: 1-Year Undated Journal to Track Your Fitness Progress, Positivity and Wellbeing

Be The Best Version Of You!

My Fitness Journal by Two Minds

How do you want to feel this season? Motivated? Confident? Self Aware?

Encourage yourself (and those you love) to set and create momentum for regular self-care practices, tooled with a beautiful & motivating, undated 52-week journal designed to track fitness and wellbeing goals.

✔️ Track your water intake

✔️ Space to plan your meals and snacks each day

✔️ Track your weekly exercise activity

✔️ Record your progress measurements over 52 weeks

✔️ Refocus your thoughts and actions about fitness every 4 weeks

Get your new year goals ready with this fitness journal and start breaking unhealthy habits, one step at a time!


Why we love the My Fitness Journal by Two Minds:

- You'll benefit from a more positive lifestyle and outlook as the journal keeps you focussed on your wellbeing. It can make it clearer to identify helpful and unhelpful life patterns.

- It helps build good habits by tracking how you feel each day, a safe space for expressing and processing your emotions.

- If you begin to notice your motivation dipping, you can re-read and refocus the goals you set yourself and put into motion simple activities to make yourself feel better.

- By keeping a daily record of your fitness and wellbeing efforts, it encourages a sense of mindfulness for working on your goals one step at a time.

- The journal is designed for anyone, whether your aim is to lose weight, add weight, tone up and simply be healthy.

- You can plan your meals for the week, track your daily water intake, easily view which areas on your body you have worked out each day and review your measurements every 4 weeks.

- Use the journal to record your successes, feel strong about what happens in your life and the choices you make and use it as a support to readdress your physical and mental wellbeing throughout the year.

- Once you have completed the full journey you can compare your fitness pictures and see how far you have come.

- Need to take a break from training through injury or just to recharge? Not a problem! The journal is undated! Keep on track with other goals in the meantime and use the insightful 4-week progress update to consider what you have achieved as a whole and steer the next 4 weeks, focussed on on what you want to achieve.

- Available as a single journal or the Journal + My Exercise Pad Set. This set includes a 50-sheet exercise pad for tracking any type of exercise; swimming strokes, gym workouts, running, HIIT, cycling, functional training, lifting weights etc.

There is also space for 3 workout goals for holistic goal setting, sections for up to 10 exercises per sheet + sections to record 6 sets / reps per exercise.


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