Meet Munky: Chilli, Garlic & Coconut Roasted Munky Nuts

Munky Roasted Peanuts in Shells

Meet Munky!

We've chatted to Dan Fensome, the man behind the delicious Munky Nuts, to give you an exclusive insight into his inspiration for the most tasty roasted peanuts in shells around!

Rich in protein and healthy fats, they give snack-time a natural nuttiness that is #RoastedWithAttitude

A twist to the traditional peanuts in shells, Munky nuts are roasted for that little bit longer to ignite your taste palette, plus are delicious, free from nasty additives and still pack a punch. If your looking for a munchable + healthy nut snack, you'll love the choice of 3 cracking flavours, knowing that these little protein powerhouses are also great sources of iron and magnesium for optimal recovery.

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Munky Nuts Roasted Peanuts in Shells

Hi I'm Dan - founder of Munky. I have worked in the food industry since graduating from University in 2009. I have worked across various roles and love this industry!

There are so many exciting young UK brands around and the landscape is constantly changing. It's been so great over the last 5 years to really see healthier products come to the forefront. People are paying more attention than ever to what they put in their bodies.

What is your inspiration behind Munky?

Munky was born out of a desire to bring some much needed life to the stagnant peanut snacking market. There hasn't been a lot of innovation for many years. At Munky we're proud of the unique products we offer - delicious flavoured peanuts roasted in shells.

The number one question everyone asks us is "how do you get the flavour in them?". To which we reply "our little secret..."!

We carefully chose the first 3 flavours - chilli, garlic and coconut - after speaking with the manufacturer and taste testing amongst family and friends. "Being a keen sportsman, I believe the role of nutrition can never be underestimated both before and after training.

Our packs contain around 20g of protein each, so they're great after a workout".

As far as my own training goes it has varied a great deal over the years. Recently, after running the London Marathon in 2015, I decided to get more into lifting weights. Having a best friend as a personal trainer, he has taught me how to do Olympic lifting and now I'm hooked. Personal favourite is the clean and jerk!

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

For a healthy lifestyle I believe it is important not to be too hard on yourself. The word 'diet' should never be used in my opinion, as it implies something temporary. It is about sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle. Whether it be walking where you'd normally get the train, or having a piece of fruit rather than a chocolate bar with your lunch.

Make the targets achievable! The myth that healthy food is flavourless or boring isn't true. There are some great recipes out there so get trying!

Who are your inspirations or ambassadors that you would love to work with?

If we could with anyone at Munky, we'd love to work with Roger Federer. A fantastic ambassador not just for tennis, but for sport in general. To have remained at the top of the sport for such a prolonged period of time is a testament not only to ability, but to taking care of himself and a graceful, smooth playing style.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

At Munky, we're extremely proud of our partnership with Wild Futures. They're a fantastic charity who do amazing work with primates and habitats around the world. A portion of our sales goes to them to support their work and we also reference them on the back of our packs.


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