Meet CorkYogis: Ethical & Eco Cork Yoga Mats

We've chatted to Clare Melford, the woman behind CorkYogis - a new ethical yoga company specialising in eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mats and helping women in India out of sex slavery.

CorkYogis mats are ethical & innovative, providing non-slip super grip with a stylish, flexible & anti-bacterial surface for your yoga, pilates & cardio practice.

Made from natural, sustainable cork, the Classic & Premium mats will take your practice and alignment one step further by giving you a strong and grippy surface for your sweaty hands.

No more sliding around during your downward dog!

The grip INCREASES when wet!

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I have been a passionate supporter of women and girls empowerment for decades now. I sit on the board of an organisations called Girls not Brides which aims to end child marriage. And so Cork Yogis is a great fit with my values as we support women who have been trafficked into Kolkata.

My other great passion is finding and identifying disinformation on the internet, what some people call “fake news”. I want to live in a world where you can believe what you see in the media. So I do what I can to make that happen.

What you love about your CorkYogis products?

Cork is such a great product - sustainable, amazing grip, especially when wet and anti microbial. It's also easy to roll up and clean with just warm water. As soon as I used one I was hooked and will never use a rubber or PVC one again! I also love the sari bags we sell. They are beautiful, distinctive and provide employment for the women who make them in Kolkata, India.

What is ‘Wellness’ to you?

Creating a lifestyle from which I do not need a vacation.

​What is the inspiration behind CorkYogis?

We are passionate about high performance mats that grip even under a strenuous practice and are also sustainable, hygienic and ethical. I have always tried to make great businesses that are great for the planet and people. People, Planet and Profits should always be hand in glove.

Every CorkYogis mat that is sold helps women in India out of sex slavery - CorkYogis make a donation for every mat towards one girls' employment training through sewing and literacy courses, helping to give more girls a future.

What's in your yoga kit?

I do Iyengar yoga so I make full use of blocks, bricks, straps, ropes, bolsters, chairs - you name it! Iyengar is my main practice but I also love more flowing styles like hot yoga and ashtanga.

Who are your inspirations / collaborators or ambassadors you would love to work with?

I love to support female entrepreneurs. There is a lot of evidence that women led businesses are more sustainable and return higher profits over the long term than male led ones. And in the developing world, investing in women entrepreneurs if the most effective way of helping communities lift themselves out of poverty.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

I love that CorkYogis has supporting women at its heart and supporting intense yoga practice in its head.

Cork Yogis Cork Yoga mat

CorkYogis Eco Cork Yoga Mats *Innovative Natural Grip That Increases As You Sweat*

Classic & Premium Natural Cork Yoga Mats by CorkYogis available at

Classic Cork Eco Yoga Mat by CorkYogis

Classic Cork Yoga Mat

£65For all yoga lovers, whether you practice in studio, whilst travelling, or at home.

This mat works perfectly during the following yoga styles: hot/bikram yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga and power yoga.

Don’t you hate slipping around as soon as your hands start sweating?

CorkYogis cork yoga mats have grip that actually increases as you sweat, giving you an unbeatable grip throughout your yoga practice.

Premium Cork Yoga Mat by Cork Yogis

Premium Cork Yoga Mat


5mm Premium thickness provides extra length & cushion, perfect for:

* Outdoor (uneven surface) practice * People with injuries or require padding under knees * Yin Yoga or Pregnancy Yoga where cushioning in required during long-help poses.