Making A Zen Den? Natural Rubber Non Slip Eco Yoga Mats by Phanti

At-home yoga with best grip, non-slip eco yoga mats by Phantai

Trusted by yoga teachers and students.

Phantai uses eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to craft sustainable and beautiful yoga mats that give back to this world by donating part their profits to important causes like Mental Health Awareness, Cancer treatments, Elephant protection and others.

Move, sweat and disconnect on a mat that makes you feel safe and empowered

The strong grip technology on the 100% natural rubber mats will prevent you from sliding even in your sweatiest practice.

Keep your focus, no more distractions.

Full cushioning base keeps your feet and knees stable and supported and the range of extra big coloured mats with central line design gives you alignment guidance to perform serious asanas and stay focused on what really matters.

Why alignment is so important?

Focusing on alignment helps your sense of body awareness and boosts your self-confidence by learning how to position your body and make the best out of your time on the mat. A good alignment also allows Prana (life force) to flow better within the body and reduce the risk of injury.

The central line on the Mandala Yoga Mat was designed to give you the tools you need to discover your best alignment and have a strong foundation for your practice.

Phantai is a UK family-run business providing the best comfort to your practice and a safe space to reconnect with your energy.

Their collection of environmentally friendly yoga mats have meaningful designs.

Mandalas represent the circle of life, your journey and adventures. It symbolises a spiritual path to become one with the universe.

A mandala can be a powerful meditation tool so have an inspiring and powerful mandala on a yoga mat as a reminder that every body is different, that our practice is very personal and our journey through life is unique.

Phantai Travel Mats + Foldable Microfibre Mats Available

Thinner and lighter than the regular Yoga Mats, these can be folded up easily - perfect to pack in a bag or a suitcase for your travels.

Step onto your mat and simply enjoy moving with Phantai Yoga Mats


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