22 Tasty Flavours of Loose Leaf Tea & Whole Leaf Teabags + Tea Infusers by We Are Tea

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We Are Tea

Tasty Loose Leaf Tea, Whole Leaf Teabags & Tea Infusers by We Are Tea

We Are Tea are an independent, whole-leaf, ethical & tasty tea company who make premium quality Loose Leaf Tea & Whole Leaf Teabags + Tea Infusers.

Ready to treat yourself to a quality cuppa? We’ve got you!

Switch out those dusty tea bags for our ethically sourced, whole leaf tea.

Available in either plastic free, biodegradable tea bags or as loose leaf tea, which you can team up with Simplici-Tea easy-use Tea Infuser for a 90 second quick-brew.

Let us help find your perfect loose leaf tea blend. Whether you want to get loose or prefer to bag it up, we have an ethical tea for you!

Choose Your Brew

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Choose from 22 Flavours:

Black Teas

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Ceylon with Vanilla, Darjeeling Teas

Green Teas

Sencha, Moroccan Mint, Dragon Well

Infusion Teas

Chamomile, Rooibos, Peppermint, Super Berry

White Teas

White Peony, Jasmine Silver Needle Tea

Oolong Teas

Iron Buddha, Mountain Pearl


Get Ready To Get Loose

No mess, no fuss. The Simplicitea, Tea Infuser

Brewing the perfect loose leaf cuppa in 90 secs!

The Loose Leaf Tea Gadget That Makes Brewing Easy.

The Simplicitea tea infuser is the must-have tea accessory for any serious loose leaf tea fans. The tea infuser brews the perfect cup of tea each and every time in 90 seconds. No fuss. No faffing with a tea strainer. No mess.

Shop Simplicitea at shop.lifebyequipe.com

We Are Tea Teabag

Prefer to Bag it Up?

All We Are Tea tea bags are made out of Soilon (a bi-product of corn starch) and are 100% biodegradable, taking approx 3-6 months to degrade fully.

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