League Collective Sportswear


League Collective Sportswear is comfortable, practical, wicking and antibacterial, for the versatile and capable urban athlete.

UK made, highly functional, strong and durable garments, designed with processes that have minimal impact on landfills and the wider environment.

All the clothes are made in the UK using 100% Recycled fabrics wherever possible. We believe they have designed one of the most sustainable yet functional garments on the market!

Improvements in technology mean that the creation of high-tech fabrics does not have to harm the environment, but rather can support it ... so let the clothes you wear support the effort you invest in every part of your day.

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The 'Sloungewear' Hoodie

Ideal for: Pre and post workout

The stylish navy and grey hoodie from League Collective has a low cut, breathable neckline and a large statement hood to proudly frame that sweaty face on the run home or for any activity through the day.

The Ultimate 'SloungeWear' piece, yet perfect for rushing out the house and covering up.

The thickness of the hoodie around the arms, chest and large hood gives immediate warmth when chilled - your go-to winter warmer.


- Outerwear designed, woven and made in the UK

- Pre & Post workout cover up

- Moisture wicking, anti-bacterial qualities

- Breathable high-cut sides for cooling effect

- Point at back to accentuate waistline

- Long pointed sleeves to keep hands warm