Interview With The Author: Behind The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal

What Is The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal?

It’s an all-in-one, motivational and inspirational 365 day Journal designed to track your fitness and wellbeing goals and help you benefit from a more balanced lifestyle, combining:

It features:

  • Introduction and step by step guidance on using the Journal

  • A personal self-help book with tips and questions to ask yourself about all 8 significant areas of your life - from relationships, health, wealth to fun

  • Health, wellbeing, mindfulness and lifestyle tips

  • Goal setting mentor and planner

  • 365 undated daily pages, each with journal section

  • Daily yoga pose illustrations

  • Daily inspirational thoughts

  • Nutrition, lifestyle & physical activity tracker

  • An inspirational evaluation tool of how you are working on your goals

  • Separate Weekly and Monthly summary section

  • Colouring pencils

  • Daily gratitude list


Behind The Balance

Liz Longley - Author of The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal

We sat down with Liz Longley, the author behind the journal to discover her personal wellness tips .....

What is ‘wellness’ to you?

‘Wellness’ for me is having sufficient physical energy, enthusiasm and a feeling of overall wellbeing that enables me to participate and enjoy all the activities that I want to do.

Tell us about your wellness journey!

I was brought up in a rural environment and was fortunate enough to be able to roam outside freely with my older brother. I was always more inclined to climb a tree than play with a doll.

My preference is to be physically active and I would run around Hyde Park in my lunch hour when working in London in my early twenties. My day job has always been predominantly sedentary so I had more incentive to build exercise into my daily routine.

I became very interested in nutrition and the benefits that good nutrition could have on overall wellness. I qualified with Premier as a personal trainer and have been training for the past 14 years. I have been interested to see the extraordinary explosion in all things relating to wellness, physical activity, mental wellbeing and nutrition in the last few years and am delighted that so many people are now discovering the positive benefits of overall wellness.

What was your inspiration behind the journal?

My inspiration behind the journal was borne out of frustration at not being able to find an appropriate notebook to record my progress towards my fitness goals, a journal that I could use as a private thought space and a book to note yearly goals and aspirations.

I decided to design and write the Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal. I also wanted to be able to pass on some of the tips and advice that I have learnt over the years during my own wellness journey since I had several friends who commented that I was an inspiration to them and wanted to know my secret to achieving so much.

What are your favourite sections of the journal that you find most inspirational?

My favourite section is the Daily Pages and Weekly Monthly Summary section. Customers also find these sections most inspirational as it enables them to track their fitness, nutrition and wellbeing on a daily basis. These sections are helpful in keeping you accountable as you have a visual record of your progress.

Talk us through how your designed the journal!

My first step was the logo design. I wanted to be able to reflect the ethos behind the Journal as the logo represents the most significant areas of our lives from health and emotional wellbeing to career, friends and fun. I chose the theme of our values and beliefs as the foundations that underpin our lives. On these foundations we place the pillars of the significant areas of our lives. My thought process was that our values/foundations are set in stone, but we can move forward to achieving our goals and aspirations by making changes to our pillars such as better health and wellbeing.

The pillars section comprises a self assessment quiz that enables you to score the significant areas of your life and decide whether you want to make changes. In addition there are some really helpful tips and advice in this section. The daily and weekly summary sections are followed by an Appendix that comprises further advice from mental wellbeing to different types of physical activity.

I wanted to produce an all encompassing journal that could be used as a personal mentor, confidant and inspirational evaluation tool to help you set and track your goals.

What workouts do you love doing?

I tend to have a weekly schedule that comprises 5 cardio sessions, 2 resistance training and 2 of yoga based flexibility training. My Cardio work is usually a mixture of running, cycling, boxing, spin, swimming and bouldering. My absolute current favourites are boxing and bouldering. Both are a fantastic workout and great for overall strength.

There have been lots of studies identifying the mental wellbeing benefits of boxing and bouldering as it is virtually impossible to think about anything else when you are aiming a punch or trying to work out your next handhold and both activities boost self confidence as you solve problems and get yourself out of difficulties.

Where are your fave places to workout?

My favourite place is actually outdoors as I love being outside and the effect of the nurture of nature.

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

1. Find something that you enjoy and you will be more inclined to carry on with it.

2. Think how much better you feel when you have completed your workout. That is the biggest motivator to getting up and heading out. Think past your current tiredness or whatever else is putting you off starting your workout and think about the benefits you will gain.

Who are your fitness inspirations & ambassadors you would love to work with?

My boxing instructor is my fitness inspiration. She always motivates and pushes me to achieve more. My yoga instructor is also extremely inspirational.

I would like to work with Matt Roberts. He has the Premier Training qualification and is a great ambassador.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

I am very proud of the logo and the overall concept of the Journal. I have also been delighted by the positive feedback and responses that I have received from customers and other influencers.

Where can people have a gander at your Journal?

I intend to be exhibiting at the Balance Festival in Shoreditch next year. This Festival is probably head and shoulders above others for all things wellness and deserves continued success.


How Can I Benefit From Using The Journal?

This Journal helps:

  • Supercharge your goals, setting crystal-clear goals that'll keep you motivated to train, set healthy eating habits,

  • Provide generous space for your own unique tracking of things like meals, calorie intake, exercise, supplements, macros, reps x sets, target muscles, relationship building achievements, career ideas, how you’ve had fun today - whatever you'd like to monitor.

  • Log 365 days of goal achievements and watch that progression be unleashed page-by-page - the surest way to ensure you are progressing is to record your day.

  • Inspirational evaluation of how you’re doing with exercise, recovery, career progression, health etc - which will not only give you a jolt of pride from seeing your progression but also help notice patterns to help optimise your workouts, nutrition, habits and interactions with others.

The result of using the journal is less wasted time starting to achieve your goals and more gains.