How To Use Your Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal

Get Inspired and Be Happy!

The Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal is an all-in-one, motivational and inspirational 365 day Journal designed to track your fitness & wellbeing goals and help you benefit from a more balanced lifestyle.

It has been specifically designed to promote and empower self-improvement, mindfulness, and positive thinking. The journal seeks to promote happiness as a state of mind and provides you with the tools and platform to shape and influence your own personal happiness - it's you own personal lifestyle coach!

Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal Customer Review

It features:

  • Introduction and step by step guidance on using the Journal

  • A personal self-help book with tips and questions to ask yourself about all 8 significant areas of your life - from relationships, health, wealth to fun

  • Health, wellbeing, mindfulness and lifestyle tips

  • Goal setting mentor and planner

  • 365 undated daily pages, each with journal section

  • Daily yoga pose illustrations

  • Daily inspirational thoughts

  • Nutrition, lifestyle & physical activity tracker

  • An inspirational evaluation tool of how you are working on your goals

  • Separate Weekly and Monthly summary section

  • Colouring pencils

  • Daily gratitude list

The journal strives to help you increase your self-awareness, encourage positive thinking and cultivate personal growth. This will subsequently increase your levels of personal happiness, whilst empowering you to deal with any challenges you may face.

Using The Journal Will Help You To:

  • Develop a better understanding of yourself and increase your self-awareness

  • Learn to embrace a positive outlook on life and the challenges you may face

  • Bounce back from failures and disappointments quicker

  • Focus on the things that inspire and excite you

  • Start each day with feelings of gratitude for the good things in your life

  • Improve your emotional intelligence by striving to improve your inner qualities

  • Spend less time worrying about the past and future, and help you live in the present

How Does the Journal Work?

Rather than focusing on your daily productivity like most journals, the Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal will enable you to you apply simple practices that help you develop and track your goals. Ultimately, the journal aims to help you improve your personal development across all areas of your personal and professional life. Each section of the journal provides you with the perfect opportunity to identify your aspirations in every area of your life and develop them into realistic goals.

The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal

What To Expect


The journal starts with a thoughtful introduction to the concept of The Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal, what differentiates it from other journals and how to make it work for you. Step-by-step guidance is provided on how to get the best use out of it.


The first step prompts you to lay out your foundations. This chapter includes a self-assessment that enables you to analyse and identify the foundations that support your life. It will also help you determine what is really important to you.

Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal Pillars

This section gives you an in-depth self-assessment quiz covering specific areas, known as the Pillars, of your life. These pillars include friends and family, intimate relationships and fun. Each pillar is represented by a colour that comprises the brand logo and represents the life circle. In each section, you will find tips and suggestions as well as free space to note down where you want to make positive changes in your life.

Weekly & Monthly Summary

This chapter comprises four week sections with two weeks to a page, followed by a monthly summary. This resource centre is designed to enable you to track progress each week over areas such as fitness, nutrition, balance, and fun together with space for reflection on how each week and month is progressing.

The beautiful colouring pencils that accompany the journal are designed to be used to colour each area of the circle so that a visual record is built over the year charting and illustrating progress towards your goals.

The Balanced Lifestyle & Wellbeing Journal
Daily Pages

Daily inspiration starts here. The start of each day provides you with space to write down your daily mantra. An inspirational thought together with illustrated yoga poses and a three point gratitude list set you up for the day ahead.

Space is also specifically allocated for private thoughts and journaling. There is also a section set aside for doodling, a reflection on positive things that happened throughout your day, together with challenges you faced and how you can build on your success.

A tracker features at the bottom of each page can be used to note physical activity, nutrition, fun and wellbeing and of course your level of balance.


Here you will find additional information and tips for health and nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing, managing stress, mindfulness and intimate relationships.

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