How To Use the Simplici-tea Loose Leaf Tea Infuser love a nutritious cuppa by We Are Tea. They are an independent, whole-leaf, ethical & tasty tea company (55 Great Taste Awards don't lie!) who make premium quality Loose Leaf Tea, Whole Leaf Teabags and this best selling Tea Infuser.

Simplici-tea loose leaf tea infuser by We Are Tea

The Loose Leaf Tea Gadget That Makes Brewing Easy

The Simplicitea tea infuser is the must-have tea accessory for any serious loose leaf tea fans. The tea infuser brews the perfect cup of tea each and every time in 90 seconds.

No fuss. No faffing with a tea strainer. No mess.

How does the Simplici-tea Infuser work?

As with all great magic acts, the simplici-tea infuser has a trick - gravity! No need for a tea strainer, there is a mechanism on the bottom that allows the tea to decant into containers from teacup to teapot of diameters of up to 10.3cm.

It can contain up to 12oz, which would serve a full large mug, one teapot, or two full tea cups - whether you want to share your tea or not. Check out the video above on how to use the tea infuser.

Watch how easy it is to use in real life...

Loose Leaf Tea Simplici-Tea Infuser


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Simplici-tea Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Let us help find your perfect loose leaf tea blend to use with your infuser!

We Are Tea Loose Leaf Teas

Black Teas

We are Tea Loose Leaf Black Teas

English Breakfast, Earl Grey Supreme, Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Ceylon with Vanilla.


Green Teas

We Are Tea Loose Leaf Green Teas

Sencha, Dragon Well, Moroccan Mint.


White Teas

We Are Tea Loose Leaf White Teas

White Peony, Jasmine Silver Needle.


Infused Teas

We Are Tea Loose Leaf Infusion Teas

Super Berry, Chamomile, Peppermint, Rooibos.


Oolong Teas

We Are Tea Loose Leaf Oolong Teas

Mountain Pearl, Iron Buddha.

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What is the tea infuser made of?

The outer packaging is cardboard and can be popped into your recycling bin. The tea infuser itself is made of food grade, BPA-free plastic.

How to clean your tea infuser?

After brewing and draining the loose leaf tea, empty the leaves from your Simplicitea tea infuser, rinse and allow to dry. The filter inside can be removed, along with the lid and popped in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

If you find yourself with a leaky infuser (no one wants that) double check if there are any tea leaves stuck and give it a rinse out.

We recommend that you handwash or dishwash your tea infuser daily.

The tea strainer can even be removed to enable a more thorough clean. This can often seem hard to pull out and can be stiff the first time.

Eat, Sleep, Tea, Repeat!