Happy New Year - How To Make & Keep Your Fitness Resolutions


It Doesn't Take A New Year, It Takes A New Attitude!

Anyone can change any habit. Enter the new decade with 3 Intentions:

  1. Success starts small

  2. Begin where you are

  3. What you allow will continue

How to make intentions (or resolutions) that stick….


Don't think of it as a New Year resolution, think of it as a new year plan. Set an immediate plan that you can start right away. Remind yourself that taking easier, baby steps today is more important than taking massive leaps tomorrow. Or if you like yogi quotes - the transition is more important as the end pose - because it is often the quiet, unsexy graft work that creates substance and leads to an end result we are proud of.

Rather than setting a far off goal like running a marathon, start with running half a mile every Saturday morning for example, and you can add to the plan. Remember that your habitual mind responds well to easier to achieve goals, so ensure that the gym you want to hit is convenient to get to, or your new yoga practice is do-able at home.


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Most intentions are dashed for old habits because they aren’t grounded in purpose. Establishing the ‘why’ & ‘how’ takes effort, but ground these with passion and they’ll fuel you to continue. Decide on a cue and the reward for the new habit:

  • The cue could be 'if it is Friday night, then I will set my alarm 30 mins earlier on Saturday and get my running kit ready by the bed'.

  • The reward needs to be immediate and something that makes the new behaviour fun. The reward could be listening to your fave playlist whilst running or wearing new threads.

Check out this post by the Broccoli People on how to use these 7 tips to set intentions, think carefully about resolutions you make & understand fully why you choose them. They'll help you realign your priorities and feel happier doing so!


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Learn how to create consistent, attainable appointments with yourself and pull these intentions into the present. Show yourself self compassion. The biggest obstacle to keeping new habits is often self-criticism as this can lessen motivation and self control. However, being kind and supporting yourself as you would a friend if plans are changed or not achieved that day, can make the difference between getting back on track.

Keep track of your progress and spot your loopholes or excuses. Recognising you're making excuses makes you more likely to resist them.


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