How To Become Your Own Food Master - Learn the Fundamentals of Nutrition

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  • to learn the fundamentals of nutrition,

  • understand your body and its principles,

  • and make the best choices for your well-being.

Part of the FOOD WISDOM pocket book series, the 80 page 'Become Your Own Master' Ebook by Broccoli People provides an easy to read guide about the principles of nutrition for healthier and happier lives, giving practical, educational and interactive tips about food and wellness for applying it in daily life, and tips to adapt it to modern times.

You can follow advice, but if you don’t educate yourself, so much information and so many choices can be confusing. You will always be better off if you also understand it by yourself, then you can interpret what you hear, and make better choices in the long term.

Food Wisdom Digital Download Ebook

Now 10% Off

Head to to download this book to guide you through the principles of nutrition and the body, practical resources, and considerations for mind-body balance.
Because the secret to become healthier is also in your mind: in your knowledge, habits, tendencies, priorities, and awareness of yourself. "Become you own Food Master” is the first book now ready to take you through these topics: the principles of nutrition with practical guidelines for your daily life, an overview of modern food trends, a set of useful natural remedies, and how to understand eco and sustainability.
Remember investing in your health and in your education always pays off!

Created by The Broccoli People, their initiative has the intention to spread knowledge and awareness in nutrition and wellbeing, in accessible, easy and practical ways.

Broccoli People take the principles of nutrition and wellness, for long term habits and mind-body harmony, and share with you practical guidelines for applying it in daily life.

Click here for The Broccoli People's guidelines for gluten-free crackers incl. how to use gluten free flours, how to create your recipes + vegan options and ingredients.

Head here for step-by-step instructions for making homemade crackers + 6 cracker recipe ideas that the Broccoli People are raving about!

The Food Wisdom pocket book series contain easy to understand guidelines to make you become your own food master, the plans to maximise your energy levels, and the principles to get a happier brain. Led by a nutrition coach certified by ISSA, International Sports Science Association, and Hong Kong University, HKU Space, the author, Miriam, loves to discover local ingredients around the world to explore new recipes for intolerances or specific needs.

Are you ready to improve the quality of your life?

Food Wisdom Digital Download Ebook

Now 10% Off

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