When The Size of Your Recovery Drink Does Matter, Here's How Big The SoL Cups & Glass Water

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SoL - Reusable Glass Travel Cups & Water Bottles

Plastic-free, gift-boxed, entirely reusable, hand blown glass travel cups & bottles for hot and cold beverages in a choice of colours to suit every personality.

SoL are for ending waste and embracing taste.

Stay happy & healthy with every sip with these sustainable and beautiful hand blown glass cups and bottles. Designed using materials that keep the heat in and the nasties out, SoL glass won’t absorb residual tastes, odours or germs, like plastic does! That means it won’t leach chemicals into your drink. Available in 14 colours they make a perfect personalised gift to encourage your #SoLmate with on-the-go sustainable living.

Just How Big Are They?

The SoL Cups handblown glass cups with a dishwasher friendly silicon sleeve and lid, are available in three different sizes.

8oz, 12oz and 16oz SoL Cups ... for when size of your recovery drink does matter!

Meet your perfect #SoLMate with our 'handy-image' guides:

The 8oz SoL Travel Cup can hold up to 236ml and is lightweight for on-the-go hot and cold beverages.

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The 12oz SoL Travel Cup can hold up to 354ml - a great option for hot and cold beverages on the commute to work.

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The 16oz SoL Travel Cup can hold up to 473ml - smoothies, recovery drinks and herbal tea worthy!

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The reusable 850ml capacity SoL Glass Water Bottle with sealed-tight bamboo lid comes with a Hemp Bottle Pouch that fits the bottle perfectly and allows you to carry the bottle easily and with style.

A clever cleaning brush accompanies your bottle to make sure you keep your bottle in prime condition between use.

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Take the Sol Pledge to commit to avoiding single-use plastics.

Shop Sol Cups and take part in protecting our beautiful planet

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