Here For You For Them: A Mindful Parenting Movement

Here at Life By Equipe, our aim is to improve the health and lives of all our community via education and empowerment through knowledge. Our philosophy is based around the three pillars of health - move, fuel and recharge to meet our motto of “live well, live full, live long”.

That's why, when we hear about a great resource for you, we want to shout it from the rooftops!

Our talented friends at Here For You For Them are a mindful movement online hub for happy households, providing you with expert tips, videos, resources, events and support in bringing positive mindfulness techniques into your's and your children's lives.

We spoke to co-creater Jen Armstrong, to give you more details on this family-friendly mindful-living resource.

Here was created by Dana Dyksterhuis and Jen Armstrong to bring mindfulness stories, activities, tips and advice to parents, children and families.

With her Master of Science in Developmental and Educational Psychology, along with support work, yoga and mindfulness training for children and families, Jen brings an incredible, compassionate mindset when it comes to the power of positive influence.

As a startup founder and mum, Dana knows firsthand the amazing benefits of Jen’s expertise. So much so, the two are working together to bring “Here” to everyone.

"As a result, we have begun on the path of creating a mindful movement that brings peace to hearts, minds and households worldwide through mindful parenting activities, support, techniques and stories.

Parents feel like they have to do everything and do! This can result in feelings of failure and low emotional energy that can have a heavy cost on the household.

We help disrupt these negative situations and potential red alert scenarios through mindful practice. Families will find mindful parenting advice, activities, resources and stories, as well as reflections and programs from yogis and mindful experts.

Our aim is to become a go-to hub for parents and families to engage in relaxation, do a yoga class with their child, read some mindful tips or articles on parenting, or simply gain ideas for mindful activities to do at home.

Alongside this it is a platform for promoting products, yoga classes, retreats, books etc.. Its an all-encompassing mindful movement for the whole family to benefit from".

We at Here are going to be hosting our first Mindfulness pop-up 'OM:POP' for the kids and families in the Reception year at Melcombe Primary School in Fulham, London on Monday 15th October.

Whilst this is a private event, we plan to spread the word about them and expand to other schools, studios, and pop-up locations - so please get in touch with us using the contact details below if you want to speak further about this.

OM:POP will provide children and parents with a space to come and explore on the mat, experience yoga together, including the fun and games involved, share a close moment together, read some yoga stories and do some creative making. We aim to create a safe, warm, connective space for both children and parents to enjoy together and have fun!

For further information, please contact:


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+44 (0) 7855 000 423


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