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Each week we showcase a top practitioner in the wellness industry to give you an inside scoop on what they do and how they do it.

This week we’ve been focusing on cake….now before you raise your brows to the gods it's HEALTHY cake, alright!! We live in a world where cakes are the go-to celebration experience. We find them in the office kitchen, at birthday do’s, when we’ve invited ourselves along with the happy couple to taste test for their wedding cake….no, just me?! Oh well. The point is we at LBE luuurve a bit of cake now and again sandwiched between our training programmes and eating healthily. I’m guessing many of you also like to treat yo’self. So if you're mindful of making your treats as deliciously healthy as possible, you’ll love this!

This week we are talking to an Aussie from Barcelona - Hayden Colledge, a professional ‘Pastelero’ (that’s Spanish for Cake Baker) and all-round ray of Spanish sunshine!

Want to know how to bake like Hayden? Click here for an exclusive recipe for Chai Coconut & Pistachio Crumble Cake from The Cake Man Bakery.

A bit about Hayden:

Hayden, the man behind The Cake Man Bakery in Barcelona, bakes the most delicious cakes that are made with organic ingredients and love! His cakes have been selling like, well hot cakes, in tons of Barcelona cafes and outdoor markets like Palo Alto, where Equipe first met this super smiley man. As well as making cakes to order now he’s set up shop at Honey-B Co-Baking, so you can buy a slice or two of something gooey on your holidays.

In Australia baking is massive. Hayden started because his mum & gran were huge bakers, who loved to bake for fun. At 18, he left home and baking behind, becoming a bachelor without his spatula. It wasn’t until he came to Barcelona that he renewed his love for baking. Hayden bought his homemade marvels along to BBQ’s and got the most amazing feedback from friends. Working in restaurants, he was first asked to make cakes for the menu, which then got him a job as a baker in Madrid, all leading to him doing his own baking thing in Barcelona.


Hey Hayden, would you call yourself a baker?

I like the Spanish word they have here in Barcelona, ‘Pastelero’ sums it up, literally a cake baker.

What key ingredients do you add or swap to make your cakes healthy?

My baking isn’t sugar free, but it is often gluten free, lactose free and allergic-aware. I tend to make cakes with olive oil so they aren't filled with butter. I don't overpack things with sugar. I don’t like super mega frosting! I like to keep it simple, adding fruit instead but the important thing is it is organic sugar which is healthier. It’s good quality and good tasting.

I source healthier ingredients so for example, if a recipe asks for a bit of flour, I'll try and substitute it with a non gluten flour like buckwheat. The banana cake I make is naturally sweet if the bananas are super ripe, so you can cut back a bit of sugar and maybe give it a bit of honey instead for a sweeter taste. There are definitely ways to substitute refined sugar when baking.

What’s your style of baking?

Homemade! I imagine my mum making the same stuff and that's what I want to do. It looks good, and tastes great as well. Homemade, simple, rustic. I don't do novelty cakes. I say stick to what you like to make as then your heart will be in it.

What’s your fave thing to bake?

I love making pastry, open tarts & cheesecakes because you get that hands-on moment when you’re rolling out the pastry. I'm a bit more of a pastry chef at heart. I love making everything. The moment when I make stuff for the shop and things turn out beautifully - that's the good part.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a quiet day I could be making 10 different cakes such as carrot cake, cheesecake, gluten-free baking, cookies etc. On a Busy day, it could be about 35 cakes! In the summer things quieten down when people are on operation bikini, but in winter it's 5 days week plus Saturday mornings for up to 10-12 hours a day! Long days! It's a big job so you have to love it and be dedicated to it as a business owner.

What’s your fave TV cooking or baking programme?

Do you need to ask! I love the Great British Bake Off! It's so stressful watching it though. I end up shouting at the tv, gogglebox-style saying “it’s going to fall”!

How would you describe your wellness philosophy?

Keeping some form of exercise activity when I'm working a lot is important. I live in an ‘attico’ 6 floors up without an elevator, so that's good! Plus walking the dogs is exercise. It's about keeping a balance, keeping active & knowing when to rest. Eating the right things can be difficult. When you're in the kitchen for 12 hours, I don't feel like cooking for myself. When I do cook, it's brown rice & veggies, something easy to cook, sautéed with a bit of flavour.

What’s on your baking playlist?

I do like baking to Beyoncé! A bit of everything really. I love radio 1 and anything pop-y, with a bit of alternative now & again. If it's a Friday afternoon, I'll put on some electric dance music and get some Faithless going.

Where do you want to take your business?

I’d like to finally stop co-baking and have my own cafe. It's been a great step sharing kitchens with other baking companies but I want my own. I want to do savoury stuff and sell coffees and prosecco with cake. It’ll be somewhere where you can go that feels a little fancy but super comfortable as well.

What's your guilty pleasure food?

I like all types of food but Domino's Pizza…..ummmmm…I’ll have the Tony Pepperoni or Chicken BBQ thin based one!


Wanna impress someone special? Or just want to finally stop pretending you made that M&S-bought cake next time your work has a Bake-Off!

Get your taste buds flowing with Hayden’s Chai Coconut & Pistachio Crumble Cake recipe here.

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