Handcrafted Copper Water Bottles With Crystal Chakra Meditation Gemstones For Mindful Sips

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Beautiful Gifts For Mindful Sips by My Copper Cup

  • Stylish and sustainably made water vessels with recycled copper

  • Ayurvedic copper health benefits

  • Mantra engravings

  • Crystal chakra meditation stones

  • Beautiful and practical

  • Leakproof

  • No plastic / bpa free

  • Supporting artisan handcrafts

When purchasing a My Copper Cup product, not only are you getting a beautiful handmade item, each with a specific intention and meditation stones welded in silver, but you’re supporting artisan handcrafts over machines, and quality over mass market consumerism.

Copper has many health properties. It is an anti-oxidant and contributes to the maintenance of connective tissues and normal pigmentation of the hair and skin as well as being essential in the production of red blood cells, haemoglobin and bone matter. Copper also supports the normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Copper has been used as a natural remedy for ailments and boosting health in relation to arthritis and inflammation, anaemia, producing collagen for flexible and healthy skin, aiding with energy, improving thyroid health and your resistance to infections, reducing cholesterol levels and assisting with digestive health.

Drinking tap water stored in a pure copper vessel such as these from My Copper Cup, overnight may provide supplementary support to a well balanced diet according to Ayurveda principles, as the water may accumulate safe levels of copper traces (approx 0.01mgL over 8 hours which is a safe amount to consume daily, below the RDA of 900 μg/day copper for adults).


Stylish and sustainably made, these copper water vessels have mantra engravings and crystal chakra affirmations to mindfully rehydrate.

They are unique tools for staying hydrated and mindful of the importance of health and wellness. Geometrical symbols and mantras can have a powerful effect on meditative practices when visualised within the mind.

The Water Bottle contains all 7 real crystal gemstones that form the chakra system, set in pure silver bezels to hold the gems to the copper. Meditating using the gemstones on the copper vessel can act a tool re-centre yourself, mindfully staying present to your emotions, thoughts and body.

How do you use the chakra gemstones for Ayurvedic mindful meditation?

Ayurveda originates from India and is based on the principles of balancing the systems within the body. Each gemstone on both of the tanks is an anchor for positive emotion and memory:

Quartz for Purpose - Clear

Amethyst for Mental Clarity – Purple

Sodalite for Creativity – Blue

Aventurine for Love – Green

Tigers Eye for Determination – Multi-tone Yellow and Black

Red Onyx for Pleasure – Light Red

Red Jasper for Grounded – Dark Red

The mantra to follow when using the vessels is Touch it, Think it, Drink it. Touch the gemstone that resonates with the emotion you want to feel. Cultivate that emotion within you and hold that intention. Then drink the water.

Handcrafted Hammered Copper 10L Double Water Tank with filtering system for fluoride-free cold water

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This Ayurveda wellness vessel by My Copper Cup:

Handmade Double water tank holding 10 litres of fluoride-free water

Porcelain, activated carbon and metallic silver cartridges that remove impurities from your water such as fluoride, chlorine any any pharmaceuticals.

Filter approximately 10L of water in 3 hours - a very fast rate of filtration

Mantra engravings

7 chakra gemstones set in pure silver

Sustainably made with recycled pure copper

Copper health benefits

No plastic/bpa…

Perfect for saunas, steam rooms or as a beautiful feature in your kitchen


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