Flaxseed Pasta: Low GI, Heart-Health Booster With 240% Higher Protein Content Than Conventional Past

superseed flaxseed pasta fusilli

Flaxseed… what's it all about?

Flaxseed has seen a rise in popularity of late, with many people consuming these little seeds in various forms for different health benefits. Flaxseeds can also be called linseeds and are tiny pale brown seeds. These can be eaten whole or ground up into flour and made into different products.

So how can incorporating flaxseeds into your diet help you?

These tiny seeds pack a powerful nutritional punch. Flaxseeds are very high in soluble and insoluble fibre, maintaining our digestive health.

They also contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, in particular an acid called Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA). Research has suggested ALA to be beneficial to heart health - links have been shown between the reduction of coronary heart disease and reduction of heart arrhythmia to the consumption of ALA.

The high fat content and B-vitamins of ALA assists in keeping our skin and hair in top condition, preventing dryness and maintaining moisture to give us that glow we all love.

superseed flaxseed pasta penne by Nomad Health

Flaxseed pasta… what’s the deal?

These clever people at Nomad Health have used Flaxseed flour to create an amazing pasta. This flaxseed pasta (£3.99 in fusilli & penne forms) gives us all the health benefits of flaxseed consumption, whilst its pasta form makes it versatile and easy to use in everyday cooking.

By grinding flaxseeds into a flour, your body is able to absorb more of its fibre content, so this pasta aids our digestive health. By replacing traditional flour with flaxseed meal, this pasta is gluten free. Grains, which contain gluten, can be hard to digest for some people, and can leave people feeling bloated, with stomach pains and indigestion. Flaxseed is easily digestable for most people and has the benefit of being high in the essential fats we need.

The only other ingredients in this powerful pasta are tapioca and egg, so this pasta really does make an ideal swap with your regular pasta to supercharge the nutritional content of your dinners!

Nomad Health Flaxseed Pasta

SuperSeed Flaxseed fusilli pasta tastes slightly different compared to traditional pasta, a little bit sweet and wholesome, but still delicious. Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, ketogenic, paleo & FODmap diets, its nutritional qualities speak for itself.....

- Ultra-low carbohydrate content (29.5 g in 100 g pasta).

- About 90% lower sugar content compared to conventional pasta, approx. 1g.

- High nutrition content including high plant based protein content, 30g in 100g (240% more than conventional pasta).

- High fibre content, 20g in 100g (600% more than conventional pasta), which promotes healthy bowel movement.

- Low glycemic index and low glycemic load - a slow and over time distributed increase in blood sugar level, therefore highly recommended to diabetics.

- Ideal for losing weight for diabetics, a ketogenic diet

- Rich in minerals: magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc

- Naturally free of gluten, prolamin, lectins and saponin

- Certified by Coeliac UK and SugarWise

- Wheat, Corn, Soya, Rice & Salt free

Nomad health Superseed and super grain pastas

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