Ethically Sourced PMD Tea - Speciality Tea For Tea Lovers



PMD Tea are a family tea company, ethically sourcing speciality single estate & single batch loose leaf tea,

tea bag multipacks

& exquisite teaware sets.

Working with tea plantations since 1945, PMD Tea ethically source direct from one of the foremost pioneering Ceylon tea estates - the Brunswick Estate.

PMD Tea's passion for ethically sourced, hand-picked tea makes a sought-after brew.

Take a look at what makes PMD unique: their spiritual home in Maskeliya; the people they work with for three generations to their valued partners who serve their products.

The rich and aromatic tea you taste in every pack is hand plucked and personally sourced with this family-owned business ensuring they bring you the finest flavours.

From Tea Plantation to your Tea Pot, personally sourced from the estates and people they have worked with for generations.

Are you a conscious consumer? Meet an ethical brand!

PMD Tea pays the plantations the money they deserve for their hard work so they can care for the slopes of this most sought-after brew.

Hand-picking is at the core of all their Teas.

If 150 Million cups of Tea are sold in Britain daily and you only pay 2 pence a cup at retail, no wonder you aren't getting quality.

This video shows you why conscious consumers should try PMD Tea, where 2 leaves and a bud is all you will find in their teas, handpicked in a time-honoured way.

Taste natural single-origin tea straight from the source.

PMD Tea - creating a fairer, better, more sustainable tea industry for workers & farmers - view the range

Conscious about packaging and mindful about waste?

Buy hand-crafted loose leaf tea by PMD Tea in a simple, functional pouch for you to store away in beautiful glass containers that you have at home.

Choose from 12 flavours of speciality loose leaf tea

and tea bags, plus teaware gift sets

of the world’s most sought-after brew.

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