The Ethical Guide To Eating Beef Biltong - Buy British

Are you part of the large contingent of Veganuary enthusiasts re-joining the meat-eating population? Want to make more ethical decisions about your meat? Read on!

The Ethical Guide To Eating Beef Biltong - Buy British

What is Biltong? Well it's savoury, lean and tender beef, air-dried and seasoned beef WITHOUT the refined sugar.

Woza beef biltong is made to order using only prime cuts of sustainable West Country beef sourced from certified local suppliers. Free from artificial preservatives, added sugar and gluten, it has a lovely soft and moist texture.

The key to great biltong is great quality meat and this post explains why Woza Biltong uses the best quality, sustainable British produce.

Know Your Beef

Charcuterie made from beef is viewed by many as sustainability enemy number one and “carbon-releasing machines”. However, we know that beef production varies drastically across the world in terms of environmental impact.

Louise Gray recently wrote in her Guardian article ‘Life after Veganuary: the ethical guide to eating meat, eggs and dairy’ that:

“much of the information you read about the planet-wrecking capability of cows is based on the most extreme scenario. Yes, grazing cattle on pasture that used to be rainforest releases a lot of carbon dioxide. Yes, cattle kept on feedlots in the US midwest use a lot of water. But there is an easy way to avoid this – buy British”.

There is even an argument, backed by Richard Young of the Sustainability Food Trust among others, that pasture-fed British beef can be less damaging to the environment. This is due to Britain’s substantial reserves of carbon dioxide rich wet grassland that is good for little else than supporting grazing animals.

Britain also ranks in the highest echelon when it comes to animal welfare. The majority of British cattle are kept outdoors, able to enjoy relatively long, good quality lives.

Woza Biltong

The Woza Approach

At Woza we’ve always said that eating meat is a privilege, not a right. We’ve also advocated that we all eat less but better-quality meat all year round. Quality in this context essentially meaning ethically produced. Firstly, because of the environmental benefits but also because we’ve found it undeniably true and quite serendipitous that ethically raised animals produce superior tasting meat!

The only trade off, as we see it, is that producing beef to the highest ethical standards is a costly business. This means that British beef tends to be more expensive than alternatives but, surely, this premium is justifiable given the broader context.

At Woza we deal only with certified British beef and venison suppliers that adhere to the highest ethical and sustainability standards. We hope that more follow and support this approach to ensure continued access to better tasting, if slightly less, beef for us all for a long time to come.

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The Ethical Guide To Eating Beef Biltong - Buy British

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