Equipe Challenge with Move Your Frame

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Starting this week, Lou from Life By Equipe is joining forces with the fitties at Frame - the super fun fitness studio Londoners love to sweat, move and fuel in!

We’re inviting YOU to take part! Change up your fitness routine with the #equipechallenge, book classes with Frame, follow our variety-packed plan and give yourself a challenge this autumn - let’s see where it takes us!

*hopefully it takes us from barre to bar*


Why we know you’ll love the Equipe Challenge

Life by Equipe is all about living well, living full and living long. It’s not about dry-ass workouts that you won’t keep up, counting every carb and generally being the health-bore.

Frame is also all about having fun and not taking things too seriously. Exercise shouldn't be boring and they know it. It’s a place where everyone can find a workout they love and head to class.

Think Duracell bunny-esk instructors, good music that’ll get you pumped up, 5 studios to choose from, super reasonable pay as you go prices and so many choices of ‘errrrbody’ welcome classes - from high intensity sweat-fests, dance, yoga, reformer pilates, conditioning fitness - basically every workout is covered!

We got in touch with Frame after being inspired reading their article on ‘How to Get Back Into The Game’. We got to thinking that changing up our workout approach and adding a challenge could lead to some serious fun and filthy amounts of sassy-face walking through the Frame doors.


Ok, I'm sold, but what is the Equipe Challenge?

It’s a weekly plan of all the Frame classes - it will be mixed up each week, so we can match our moves to the inspiring range of classes Frame has!

Lou from LifeByEquipe says “I’m armed with a full membership (I’m a loyal framer, through and through), a free schedule because it’s all about the work / life balance & I’m fierce-fond of the sexy-pain that D.O.M.S give me.

So Lucia Farina, the Frame Personal Training Co-ordinator really went to town on coming up with the ultimate Frame cross-training plan".

Week 1 looks like this:

Monday: BOX Train

Tuesday: Reformer Pilates

Wednesday: TRX train

Thursday: Barre

Friday: LIFT

Saturday 2x: BOX Fit + Yoga

Sunday: Rest!!! You deserve it!

Check back here on LifeByEquipe.com or our social channels for the following weeks' plans!

Week 2 click here

Week 3 click here

Week 4 click here


Lucia says that “The idea of doing one high intensity day and then one low intensity day is based around recovery. It means you get movement and circulation without too much demand, daily.

The high intensity classes performed all the time can have negative affects if you don't get enough recovery or sleep. Too much low intensity however, won't tick off your fitness or cardio vascular benefits.

So this program, which you can change week by week, is about moving daily and giving your body a nice balance, preventing injury, plus mentally and physically getting positive results".


The great thing about this #equipechallenge is that you don't need a membership to take part, Frame do drop-in prices too and the plan is simple enough for anyone to fit in around their stuff.

You choose the Frame Studio that is easiest for you to get to and book those classes at the times that suit you! You can also start it any time - just simply follow the plan for week 1, week 2 etc.

Dare you to join in - book your first week's challenge online here: moveyourframe.com


So who’s up for it?

We’re starting in Oct and seeing where this challenge takes us. You can start whenever you like (but soonish, right!). Let us know why you are starting it and how you’re getting on with it.

Check out what we’ll be doing this week: