Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle by BlissCloud

Eco Friendly Glass Water Bottle

Hydrate Your Body With Eco-Glass Water Bottles

Plastic bottles - love the convenience but hate the impact they have on the environment? Then head on over to to get your mitts around the more eco friendly, more sustainable, and lets face it, more gorgeous water bottle option - the Eco Glass Water Bottle by Blisscloud.

This stunning Glass Water Bottle in Duck-Egg Blue design is the creation of Brighton based yoga student, Anna Challacombe who wanted something sustainable and eco-friendly without compromising on quality or looks either. She turned her ideas into beautiful, inspirational yoga mats and accessories, and this bottle had been flying off the shelves! Want to know why? Then read on!

Eco Glass Water Bottle by Blisscloud

- Combining function with beauty these stunning Glass Water Bottles help to keep your Precious Body Hydrated.

- Made from Eco-friendly Borosilicate Glass (Recycled Soda Glass that it toughened and 100% recyclable too) they are BPA, PVC and lead free making them the clear choice for your body and the environment!

- These beautiful bottles are the perfect way to limit your exposure to chemicals leaching into your water from plastic or aluminium bottles.

- The leakproof screw-top bamboo lid not only looks great but is also fully biodegradable, and from a sustainable source. It detaches completely from the bottle when unscrewed, so it is perfect for stopping and sipping!

- The anti-slip and removable silicone (made from sand) sleeve offers secure grip and helps protect against breakage.

- The convenient carrying loop can be used to take your bottle wherever you go.

- Easy to clean, just hand wash the glass in a gentle eco-friendly detergent.

As the Bamboo lid is made of natural, untreated wood, over time if the lid gets too wet (ie. saturated and left to sit in water), splits in the wood can appear which can lead to leaks, so make sure to gently wipe the lid only (do not soak) and dry carefully to avoid splitting the wood.

- Bottle Capacity: Holds 0.6 litres (600 ml / 20 ounces)

- Dimensions: 25cm x 6.8cm

- Lightweight: weighs empty: 900g, weighs full: 1.5 kg

Not only is the bottle made from ethical materials, all BlissCloud products are produced ethically in it's manufacturing and definitely no animal testing is used.

Eco Glass Water Bottle by BlissCloud

Eco Glass Water Bottle by Blisscloud

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