Dynamic Yoga Flow & Live Music Class - Download the Full 60 Min Video

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NEW 60 Min Dynamic Yoga Class Video For Home Practice

Find your inner dynamic energy with this all yoga levels, Dynamic Yoga Flow Download to awaken, strengthen and tone, with live cello & soothing electronic beats.

So wherever you are in the world you can join YO-MU on the mat!!

Above is a session clip from the full download video, available to purchase at shop.lifebyequipe.com


Endless Dynamic Yoga Class 60 Min Video For Only £7.99

YO-MU Dynamic Yoga Flow & Live Music Download Video

Practice yoga from the comfort of your own space with this unique 60 minute, all yoga levels, yoga flow with live cello & soothing electronic beats class download video.

  • Get on your mat, follow this step-by-step yoga practice and soak up the healing sounds with Barcelona based YO-MU Yoga & Live Music in the comfort of your own home.

  • This download video is your personal yoga experience.

  • For the same price as you would pay attending one live class, you can practice with YO-MU an endless amount of times.

  • This class aims to awaken, strengthen and tone, whilst giving you plenty of opportunities to rejuvenate and rest from the inside out.

  • Perfect for daytime or evening practice, Lucy's clear instructions and suggestions for adjusting the poses makes this perfect for both beginners and seasoned yogis.

Lucy fully guides you through a sequence of yoga poses designed to slow the mind down, gently stretch and balance the body and quietly introduce the basics of a yoga practice.
Pepe with his soothing electronic sounds will get you connected to your breathe and your body throughout the sequence of asana and his cello will accompany you through deep healing relaxations.
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Dynamic Yoga Class 60 Min Video
Limited Time Offer £7.99

"Everyone needs a bit of yoga and music in their lives because the combination of the two disciplines is assured to maximise your bliss, every time" - YO-MU shop.lifebyequipe.com for only £7.99 - RRP:£12.95


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