Downloadable Week 5 and 6 Stay-At-Home Training Plan By Velites

During this times of crisis we want to train as a community to keep active and healthy.

Here's the fifth and sixth weeks of FREE downloadable daily workouts that you can perform at home.

You can try using a jump rope for the double under HERO challenge! Not already got one? Check the Velites Fire 2.0 Jump Rope here.

Not already tried the first 4 weeks of workouts?

Find week 1-2 workouts here.

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Click here for the the fifth week of daily workouts.

Downloadable Days 29-36 Stay-At-Home Training Plan By Velites

Click here for the the sixth week of daily workouts.

Downloadable Day 37-42 Stay-At-Home Training Plan By Velites

The workouts are split into WOD and HERO. WOD will be an intense training for most fitness levels that you can easily do at home to stay in shape.

HERO, training with a plus of intensity for those people who seek to end up lying on the ground asking for clemency!!

If you feel strong you can perform both the same day!

Terminology broken down:

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

TABATA = Set your timer for 8 rounds of 10 seconds on, and 20 seconds off performing the movement intervals for a total of four minutes

HSPU = Handstand Push Ups

DOUBLE UNDERS = Your jump rope passes twice under you in a single high jump. You can help achieve this with the Jump Rope Fire 2.0 - click here to discover more.

ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WARM UP: spend 10-15 mins preparing your muscles for training - the aim is to move sufficiently, add in a challenge to your day, in addition to preventing injuries.

You can start with 50 Jumping Jacks and add in movements and stretches that focus especially on the areas that you will work the most during training.

Downloadable 7-Day Stay-At-Home Training Plan By Velites

You choose the time you can spare for each workout or let a fitness timer count you down. We recommend the Velites Timer app!



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