FitnessGenes DNA Analysis: The Ultimate Fitness Tech Gift To Make Getting Healthy & In Shape

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FitnessGenes DNA Analysis & Upload Service for personalised fitness and weight loss insights

DNA Analysis Kit or Upload Service for Personalised Fitness & Weight Loss Insights by FitnessGenes

We're all different, so why do we follow generic diets and exercise plans and expect them to work?

As much as 50% variation in physical performance is determined by a person’s DNA, that is why not all workouts and diets work the same for everyone.

Did you know that your hunger levels and snacking habits could be a result of your genetics?!

Did you know that the way you respond to caffeine could be a result of your genetics?!

Discover how your genes affect your fitness and nutrition, why you are predisposed to different ways of eating, exercising, supplementing or behaving & unlock your full health potential with FitnessGenes.

FitnessGenes combines your unique genetic code with relevant lifestyle data to identify the exercise, nutrition and lifestyle strategies that are most effective for you.

With a user-friendly saliva DNA kit and an intricate analysis of 700,000 gene variations, the team of genetic scientists reveals specific traits including metabolic tendencies, dietary sensitivities, fat burning capacity, muscle type, recovery time and more.

FitnessGenes then prescribes personalised, week-by-week exercise programs and practical nutritional recommendations for those aiming to get fitter, leaner, build muscle or lose weight.

DNA Analysis Kit & Upload Service for personalised fitness & weight loss insights

Head to and choose either:

  • the at home DNA saliva test,

  • or instant data results for 23andMe and AncestryDNA clients,

and receive personalised online results by FitnessGenes.

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You’ll receive a genetically tailored plan telling you exactly when and how you should work out to achieve your goal, plus a report based on 42 of your most important gene results, including those that impact appetite, eating behaviour, VO2 max, fat burning, sleep cycle, nutrient metabolism, muscle strength, insulin function, post-workout recovery, muscle fibre composition and much more.

All these insights are geared towards your weight loss or physique goals, based on your genetics.

You'll get:

  • Free 1 week Genetically-Tailored Workout Plan (including personalised workout frequency, volume, rest & recovery and exercise types and video demonstrations)

  • 31 Personal Insights on how you respond to diet & exercise

  • 18 Personal Actions to optimise your nutrition & performance

  • Insight Summary Report

  • Safe and Balanced Nutrition Guide - eat according to your genetic make-up, lifestyle & fitness goals (including meal frequency, calorie intake, macronutrient ratios & supplement needs for the physique you desire)

  • Recommended Recipes - helping you select which meals to eat for the best results

Then you start working out!

With your genetically optimised diet and exercise plan to support you achieving your goals.

Continued online support and access to optional training and workout plans are available to further purchase. Your gene results, workout, and nutrition advice will be updated as the science evolves, so you'll always be at the cutting edge of fitness information.

Your DNA is the blueprint to success but YOU need to step up to the challenge because YOU define your destiny!

So if you want a little guidance to make the whole process of getting in shape a lot easier, gift yourself (or the most fave peeps) the ultimate fitness tech gift that tells them how unique they are.

✅ It will tell you what the best exercise is for you

❌ It will not do the exercise for you

✅ It will tell you exactly what to eat to achieve your goals

❌ It won’t stop you eating the non-recommended foods

✅ It will tell you exactly what supplements to take

❌ It won’t force any supplements down your neck

✅ It will tell you everything you need to know to get in the most healthy shape of your life

❌ It won’t make the sacrifices for you in order to achieve this goal

Nothing is more personal, and isn’t that what we are all looking for?

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I Tried A Diet And Fitness Plan Based On My DNA - Custom Genetic Fitness & Weight Loss Insights

"I am so surprised by the results because nothing has ever worked for me in the past."

A real-customer review of FitnessGenes DNA Analysis Kit - originally advertised via BuzzFeed. Contains some strong language.