One 'Horny Cow' Massage Coming Right Up - Cowshed Spa Review

Time to Read: 4 Mins

I think a good relaxing massage is one of life's necessities, along with hot water & lemon in the mornings, a heavy-duty sports bra and Sunday roasts. I NEED them in my life! Disclaimer alert, as a 32 year old I have been to many a spa for a full bod massage. In fact, probably 3 a year since the tender age of 14 when my mum had to be in the treatment room with me at Center Parks and I first learnt how to breathe whilst being wedged into a face-shaped hole. So you could call me a massage connoisseur! Or just Lou...whatever, it's your choice!

I'm one of those annoyingly lucky peeps who gets to go to Barcelona every month. Now before you dash this review and curse me and both my houses* (*purely a Shakespeare quote, I don't actually own 2 houses), if you ever wanted to haul-ass to the Cowshed Spa for a massage but wanted to know what it's like before you book, read on!

New to Barcelona last Autumn, Soho House opened its gentrified doors in the Gotic Old Town area to a warm welcome. Nestled in a handy area for locals and tourists, you'll find it near the Columbus monument. Whilst their wealthy clientele consists of members who dock in Port Vell, anyone can book a spa sesh in the Cowshed Spa. So being a non-yacht owning pleb with tight shoulders, I head downstairs to level -1 a week ago on a quiet Tuesday pm.

The short & sweet version = The BEST massage I've ever had!

The detailed version = the following:

  • Buy 1 Treatment, Stay for half a day! I love that the Cowshed Spa invites you to chill out in the pool area 2 hours or so before your treatment time and then after your treatment for your post-treatment haze. This makes half a day pampering such good value for your Euro.

  • Super friendly Staff, who are bilingual. A must-have in Barcelona if you don’t know your ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ in Spanish! Booking was easy as I ventured in, screenshot of the treatment menu in hand and booked a 60min Cowshed Moody Massage for €90.

  • You could totally take a non-spa going person and they wouldn’t feel intimidated. This basement is elegantly decorated with exposed brick, tiled ceilings, muted grown-up colours, cosy glass lights, not too feminine, not too masculine.

  • Head to the changing rooms for total property porn. Individual changing rooms come complete with rainfall shower, toilet, sink and plenty of space to change in & out of your cossie. Black metal heated towel racks dry your smalls whilst you lather yourself with Cowshed’s shampoo, conditioner & body wash products.

  • You are given a fluffy hooded robe & flip flops! It’s all about looking like a Jedi by the pool!

  • Chill out at the pool for hours before your treatment. This means you can really make a half day out of it and you and a buddy could have lots of chat time. The pool is a shallow (0.9m) long pool with built in seats so you can let your legs float and get all wrinkly before your chosen treatment. Comfy loungers line the pool for a proper chill.

  • It's not busy. Only one couple was in the pool when I was relaxing. So unlike a day spa, you’ll hardly see anybody else.

  • It’s the BEST of all the massages in the land. Yvette is a goddess. I felt super relaxed in the wooden cabin-like room that was warm, smelt divine and had the comfiest head hole known to man. From 4 ‘mood oils’ including citrus, rosemary & geranium notes, I chose the ‘Horny Cow’, a delightful cinnamon & rose smell that Yvette cheekily told me was an aphrodisiac - I'm saying nothing! She listened carefully to where I wanted attention and spent, what felt like a good 30 mins, on my shoulder knots and clicky points. Using a number of different techniques it was truly a relaxing massage. I felt invigorated and limber afterwards. A nice touch at about 12 mins towards the end was being asked what else I wanted her to concentrate on. I chose my neck & shoulders and I’ve never had anyone before turn my head and really work on the side of my neck and jawline. Heaven!

  • Is there anything I didn’t like? Yeah, dragging my oily carcass away! After having smelt lime oil to help wake me up and sitting my the pool with a lemon & ginger tea, I didn't want to leave. The staff were kind to give me a discount card (ask them for the Cowshed Lovers card) to fill in for my next trip as I know i’ll be back next month for round 2! The only downside to this spa on tripadvisor I could make out was that some reviewers didn't like that the mani/pedi treatment area was in earshot of the reception. I guess if you book at quieter times, this shouldn’t be a prob!