Eco-Innovation For Yoga Mats - Cork Yoga Mats by CorkYogis

CorkYogis Eco Cork Yoga Mats *Innovative Natural Grip That Increases As You Sweat*

CorkYogis mats are ethical & innovative, providing non-slip super grip with a stylish, flexible & anti-bacterial surface for your yoga, pilates & cardio practice.

Made from natural, sustainable cork, the Classic & Premium mats will take your practice and alignment one step further by giving you a strong and grippy surface for your sweaty hands.

No more sliding around during your downward dog!

The grip INCREASES when wet!

Thanks to Lara, founder of CorkYogis for her explainer video!

CorkYogis is a new ethical yoga company specialising in eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mats and helping women in India out of sex slavery.


5mm Premium thickness provides extra length & cushion, perfect for:

* Outdoor (uneven surface) practice * People with injuries or require padding under knees * Yin Yoga or Pregnancy Yoga where cushioning in required during long-help poses.


+ Grippyness – don’t you hate slipping around as soon as your hands start sweating? CorkYogis cork yoga mats have grip that actually increases as you sweat, giving you an unbeatable grip throughout your yoga practice.

+ Natural – We know what is important to you yogis and natural materials is just that. CorkYogis cork mats provide a natural surface for practice which is perfect for keeping you more grounded and closer to nature with every sun salutation.

+ You won't hurt the planet - Cork is a renewable material and CorkYogis ensure the eco-credentials & fair-trade status of their sustainably harvested cork from regulated cork forests in Portugal.

+ Anti- bacterial – Cork is organically anti-bacterial so it provides the perfect clean and healthy surface for your yoga every time.

+ Easy to roll up like a normal yoga mat.

+ Easy to clean with just warm water.

+ Every CorkYogis mat that is sold helps women in India out of sex slavery - CorkYogis make a donation for every mat towards one girls' employment training through sewing and literacy courses, helping to give more girls a future.