Come Dine With Kinomi Nuts

Intrigued by the Japanese flavours in Kinomi Nuts?

Watch what happens when Food & Drink entrepreneurs try Kinomi Nuts for the first time in this 'come dine with me' dinner with Hiromi Stone, founder of Kinomi Nuts.

Hear from Hiromi herself about how she started Kinomi Nuts; her brand ethos of 'good for farmer, good for planet, good for you'; her passion for good food and hear some 'best nuts on earth' reviews by London foodies.

This wonderful video is produced by Lewis Parsons (@lewypee), a London-based filmmaker and videographer specialising in behind-the-scenes content.

His unique style captures raw, unfiltered emotion and reflects his personality though its playfulness and authenticity. He cares most about music, people & travel.

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Kinomi Nuts

Pori Pori Almonds + red jalapeno & amchur (green mango)

Waku Waku Cashew + arctic seaweed & sumac

Bari Bari Barus + cumin, coriander, chilli and lime

Kinomi Nuts are delicious nut snacks coated by hand with intriguing spices and signature Japanese soya glaze by creator, Hiromi Stone.

A natural plant based protein source and a satisfying snack.

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