Chilli, Garlic & Coconut Roasted Munky Nuts

Post Workout Fuel The Healthy Way - Flavoured Roasted Munky Nuts

Munky nuts snacks are delicious roasted peanuts in shells, packed with plenty of flavour. Rich in protein and healthy fats, they give snack-time a natural nuttiness that is #RoastedWithAttitude

A twist to the traditional peanuts in shells, Munky nuts are roasted for that little bit longer to ignite your taste palette, plus are delicious, free from nasty additives and still pack a punch. If your looking for a munchable + healthy nut snack, you'll love the choice of 3 cracking flavours, knowing that these little protein powerhouses are also great sources of iron and magnesium for optimal recovery.

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Chilli Roasted Peanuts

£1.79 Single Packets £19.33 for 12

Like it hot? Crack open the Chilli flavoured Munky nut, roasted to perfection with enough spice to give you that fiery, yet oh-so-munchable snack you'll just love.


Garlic Roasted Peanuts

£1.79 Single Packets £19.33 for 12

One of the most popular flavours and for good reason! The garlic-roasted Munky nuts are deliciously delicate in flavour.


Coconut Roasted Peanuts

£1.79 Single Packets £19.33 for 12

Get nuts about coconuts with these mouth-watering, unique and sweet in flavoured roasted peanuts. This tropical snack will brighten up your day!


Exclusive 3 Flavour Taster Pack


Want to try Munky nuts but are unsure which flavour to go for first? The ultimate dilemma! Why not try a taster pack containing one of each 3 flavours of Roasted Peanuts in shells.