Build Your Home Yoga Sanctuary With Natural Handwoven Yoga Mats by Earthen Living

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Created for those living consciously by Earthen Living.

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Made by hand only from natural materials (sambu grass + unbleached organic cotton) and inspired by an Ayurvedic style of living, these natural, earthy and grounding mats keep you well-supported and cushioned, allowing you to breathe in the benefits of natural fibres only.

These unrivalled all-natural yoga mats with handwoven weaves are entirely bio-degradable and have a natural anti-skid treatment on the underside to avoid any movement during practice. Ideal for your practice indoors or out, the super lightweight mat provides exceptional resilience and a natural cushioning with woven lines for extra grip.

Build your yoga sanctuary with eco conscious products and support handwoven artistry.

Valuing the quality of handcrafted products, Earthen Living avoids wastage, especially when it comes to packaging, allowing you to build your home yoga sanctuary with eco conscious products.


- 100% bio-degradable composition of Sambu grass and unbleached organic cotton

- Natural handwoven mat with natural anti-slip treatment

- No synthetics used

- Naturally cushioned due to the natural properties of the grass and cotton

- Ultra lightweight 

Size: 180 x 68 cms. Thickness: 4.5mm Weight: 1200 gms (2.6 lbs)

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Create Your Natural Zen Den With Earthen Living