Brazilian Ethical Fashion With Posto9 Athletic-Wear

Sustainable Ethical Athleisure-Wear Created With Brazilian Fabrics


Cut To Complement Engineered To Support

Posto9 is an ethical athletic-wear brand that uniquely integrates performance wear with a high-fashion look.

Posto9 clothing is made with PREMIUM eco-friendly, high-tech Brazilian fabrics that are:


Ultra Lightweight - feels like a second skin





and UV-Proof.

Combining cotton-feel comfort with gentle support, superb fit and freedom of movement. Designed to elongate the silhouette and enhance your curves (UK sizes 6-18) with high-tech Brazilian body-sculpting fabrics.

Designed in London. Ethically made in Rio de Janeiro.

Posto9 is a fashion brand that creates jobs and empowers women from disadvantaged communities in Rio de Janeriro, they care about the people making their garments.

Posto9 have done a lot of work with the local women to help them improve and develop higher standards of manufacturing in their small workshops, while paying a decent living wage, in order to sell the products abroad.

The leggings feature Amni® Soul Eco fabrics which enables garments to quickly decompose when they are discarded and left in landfills. Amni Soul Eco® is eliminated from the planet in about 5 years, whilst other fibres take decades to decompose.

Like other biodegradable products, once it is in the landfill, Amni Soul Eco®, breaks down into organic matter (biomass) and biogas; both of these can then be exploited as new environmental resources as well as being used to cogenerate electricity.

So when you buy Posto9 products, you are contributing to a socially aware and responsible production line.