Boost Your Meals With Nutrients - Behind The Pure Berry Powders

What Are Arctic Power Berries?

100% pure berry powders from the clean, unpolluted Finnish nature. Made with wild, hand-picked Arctic berries that are naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and fibre - one teaspoon is equal to a handful of fresh berries.

Over 700g of fresh berries are used in each 70g tube (300g in each 30g tube), giving you a packed & convenient boost of antioxidant, nutrients vitamins and colour to add to your cereal, yogurt, smoothies, porridge & bakes.

Arctic Power Berries are convenient to stir, sprinkle or mix into breakfast bowls, snacks or smoothies plus add flavour, colour and nutrients to raw desserts, baking, cooking and food decoration. We personally use the powders as an addition to porridge or as a natural flavouring to yogurt - to beast our breakfast!

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Behind The Berries

- Interview With Anna & Eve

What is ‘wellness’ to you?

It means waking up to a new day with healthy mind and body. It is feeling balanced and good in your own body and really appreciating life as it is. We think that when you feel well, you have a lot of energy to carry out the tasks of the day with positive mindset :)

Tell us about your wellness journey

We grew up in Northern Finland with miles of clean, unpolluted nature around us. I think since we learned to walk, we've spent a lot of time outdoors doing stuff - picking berries, hiking, cross country skiing, building snow castles etc. In some way, we think it's built in us - eat clean, spend time in fresh air, take time off and exercise. But obviously, after launching Arctic Power Berries, the journey took another twist and became our job.

What is your inspiration behind your brand & berries range?

It was just our own personal need. We moved to London and very soon realised how the berries in the supermarket were mushy and watery without any flavour nor nutrients. We really missed the berries from back home and every time we went back for a visit, we packed our suitcases full the powders. They were so handy. We were basically smuggling berry powder to UK!!!

Then we thought how other Scandinavians might miss the berries from back home too, but soon we realised a lot of people liked the idea and convenience of the powders and our company started to grow. They are so convenient, yet tasty.

What are your favourite flavours that you sell?

Think it changes time to time. Anna is a big fan of the cranberry, but Eve adds the wild blueberry and seabuckthorn to her breakfast bowl every single day. When we feel a bit worn out and need a pick up, blackcurrant is amazing. Also right when the first symptoms of flu occur, blackcurrant is a must have. Lingonberry we often add to savoury foods too, it's very Scandinavian thing to do.

The best thing is, that you can mix and match the powders, so think we pretty much have each of them in daily basis.

Talk us through how the berries end up from bush to packet?

The berries get handpicked from the Finnish forests. We don't used farmed berries, but wild ones. The berries grown in the pure nature of Finland, soaking a lot of goodness from the clean soil and vitamins from the Midnight Sun (sun that shines 24 hours in the summer time!). Therefore, the berries can have up to three times the health benefits and nutrients of cultivated berries and no sprays or pesticides. For instance, the wild blueberry (bilberry) is a lot deeper in purple than cultivated blueberry and therefore has so much more antioxidants and other benefits.

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Once they are picked, the berries get dried in very low temperature (below 40 degrees) which maintains the nutrients and vitamins, that's why we advise to add the powder to porridge after cooking so you wont loose the essential benefits by heating. So a teaspoon of the powder is equivalent to a handful of fresh, arctic berries!

What is you fave recipe you can make using your berries?

(Eve) I just love porridge. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always stir either the wild blueberry or the blackcurrant into the porridge (after cooking) and then sprinkle some of the other flavoured powders on top with sliced banana and a big scoop of peanut butter.

Anna fancies smoothies, or a simple natural yogurt with cranberry or lingonberry powder and a little splash of honey on top. On weekends, blueberry pancakes or raw chocolate with berry powder work as a healthy treat. These vegan bounty bars with our blueberry powder are to die for, you should try them!

What is a typical day in the life of Arctic Power Berries?

Berrylicious breakfast with a huuuuge cup of good coffee. Emails, social media, more emails, meetings etc. We are best friends so every now and then we can head for long lunch in the middle of the day and continue working in the evening or the next day.

What workouts do you love doing?

We both love running, Anna is happy with her 10k jogs a few times a week and Eve loves her long distance running and marathon training. Anna also loves swimming. Eve in the other hand is very into boxing and these days, also meditation :)

What tunes do you love playing when you are working out?

Well, must to admit that we love the silence when working out, but every once in a while a good techno in the background will do no harm :)

Where are your fave places to workout or ideal wellness location?

Eve goes to Kobox in London and Anna loves the outdoor pool in London Fields. When we are jogging, it's either in the local parks or along the regents canal. When we go to Finland, we do cross country skiing and snowboarding in the winter time and other outdoor activities in the summer such as hiking

What tips do you have for a successful mindset when it comes to health?

Balance. Have a healthy berry smoothie for a breakfast, a big green salad for lunch but do not hesitate to have a pizza and a beer for dinner. Also, really appreciate having a healthy and well functioning body, don't punished it, but be kind to it and thankful. Always thankful. Also, do what you enjoy doing, then you'll will really stick to it and have fun while doing it. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do!

Who are your fitness inspirations or ambassadors you would love to work with?

There are so many we would love to work with. It's great how many people talk about overall wellbeing and the importance of nutrient rich foods - Hemsley sisters being one of them.

What are you most proud about in terms of your brand?

Getting positive customer feedback. There's nothing better than receiving a feedback saying how our berries have improved someone's diet and wellbeing, helping them to feel their absolute best. We've had a few moms saying how our berry powders have changed their kids diet (as they are easy to add to kids meals for extra nutrients) and one customer sent us a handwritten letter saying how we should approach Nasa and sell our berry powder to them!


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