Be Your Own Eco Perky Peach And Motivate Yourself To Stay Active!

Leave them in awe with your new sustainable & eco-friendly activewear with bold, colourful prints by Perky Peach

Active-wear that is multi-functioning, flattering and comfortable

Subtle enough to blend in, but bold enough to stand out!

Perky Peach are a stylish statement for your yoga practice, gym, pilates and all active pursuits.

All the designs are sustainably made from recycled plastic and bamboo, to help reduce plastic waste in our oceans, and this sits at the core of everything they create.

Their women’s gym leggings and vest tops will make you feel amazing in and out of the studio and do good.

Join Perky Peach on a journey to create a sustainable future.

Their range of high-vibe eco-friendly leggings have been created using recycled plastics (rPET) that are resistant to stretching, shrinking, and do not wrinkle.

rPET consumes less energy than producing virgin polyester and keeps bottles and other plastics out of the landfill sites.

Perky Peach soft-touch Bamboo vests are moisture-wicking, keeping you cool in the summer with insulating properties in the winter - far more efficient than regular cotton or microfibre.

Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial qualities, an antimicrobial bio-agent called Bamboo-kun is naturally found in the fibre and is what makes bamboo anti-fungal and odour resistant.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing crops in the world and needs very little water and no pesticides or fertilisers. Bamboo fabric is made from regenerated bamboo cellulose, the plant's natural polymer is transformed into viscose, a soft and silky fibre that is great for people with skin allergies.

Bamboo viscose is biodegradable, making these vests sustainable choice for the conscious consumer.

* Gift idea *

Stainless Steel reusable water bottles £12

Perky Peach exclusive design in Black + Rose Gold

and White + Silver

All orders are sent out in compostable mailer bags or recyclable cardboard boxes with tissue paper that is reusable and recyclable.

Perky Peach

High-Vibe Sustainable Activewear

Combining Function with Fashion


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