Too Busy To Practice Mindfulness? Try Tea Time With Noble Leaf

A special welcome to our guest brand, Noble Leaf who are taking over the Life By Equipe Resource Centre today with this thought-provoking look into why making a cup of tea is the perfect time for mindfulness for people who are too busy to meditate!

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Discover a new way to enjoy tea

Well actually it’s not that new but it is definitely a different approach to tea drinking in the UK. We have become so busy in our lives that we just grab a cup of tea and drink on the go. Now is the time to make a cup or pot of tea and really enjoy it.

Mindfulness is nothing new, it’s always been there. You only need to watch a child doing a simple task like making a mud pie. They are completely focused on that one task, they’re not worrying about that email they forgot to send or what’s for dinner, the only thing on their mind is mud.

How the mud feels, how it looks and probably how they can make it even muddier!

In today’s world we are bombarded constantly with noise, from our phones, tv, emails, adverts or that never-ending list of chores. We are always trying to multi-task as we think it is the most efficient way to work – and yes sometimes it is, but it is not always the best thing for us.

Sometimes we need to slow down, take a moment and focus our entire self on one thing and one thing only. Have you tried it? Its hard!

Like when it comes to bedtime, how often do we find ourselves thinking about what we should have done that day or what we need to do tomorrow, when really we should be drifting off to the land of nod. We seem to be afraid of silence and it takes practice to completely let go of everything else and concentrate on one thing. Mindfulness can have such a positive impact on our wellbeing – but who has the time? Well that’s another problem!

This is why we have taken an everyday activity – enjoying a cup of tea and made it the best it can be, so when you do just focus on the cup of tea you can really appreciate everything that has gone into it and take some time out for yourself.

Most people enjoy a cup of tea on a daily basis, but how many people can actually say they fully focus on that tea when they take a sip?

We have selected the very best tea, handpicked whole leaf tea from the most prestigious tea gardens and lovingly packed in the UK.

Now set some time aside to make a proper cup, listen to the water boil in the kettle, watch the leaves dance as you add the hot water to the cup, notice the colour of the water change as the tea steeps and breathe in the aroma as you take your first sip.

Mindfulness can be part of the everyday, you just need to put your mind to it. Meditation can help you focus your mind and reduce stress. This is your time! We have designed some simple Tea Meditations for you to enjoy and help you have a little piece of calm everyday. Allow yourself to enjoy at least one proper cup of tea a day, with mindful intention.

By Noble Leaf


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Now set some time aside to make a proper cup, listen to the water boil in the kettle, watch the leaves dance as you add the hot water to the cup, notice the colour of the water change as the tea steeps and breathe in the aroma as you take your first sip. Enjoy a little piece of calm and a proper cup of tea with mindful intentions.


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