Sleep Clinic Workshop, June 21: Proven Techniques For Better Sleep

June 12, 2018


Sleep Clinic! 


A UK workshop designed to help you to make long-lasting sleep management and lifestyle changes to get a better night sleep without medication. 


A confidential, supportive group workshop led by Dr Libby Watson, Clinical Psychologist, providing you with information, tools and advice to help you change unhealthy habits and improve your sleep, health and wellbeing. 



The Details: 



Thursday 21st June 2018, 16.00pm – 18.00pm 




Phoenix Place for Health 

1C, SVT Building, 

Benbridge Estate 

Holloway Road 



Essex CM9 4ER 


Reserve your space: 

Email to register your interest and secure your place. 

Dr Libby Watson is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the UK with specialist experience in sleep, weight management and eating related distress. 


She offers 1:1 psychological therapy tailored to your individual needs, working in Heybridge, Essex and also Stratford, London.  For more information, please visit her site:

Tri-Psychology could help you gain a better understand your emotions; identify and challenge unhelpful thinking and behaviour; offer alternatives to restricted patterns of relating to others (and yourself), and foster increased self-compassion and acceptance in your life.

Hear more from Libby:


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7 running tips that will actually influence your wellbeing (backed up by psychology!)


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