Quickie Guide To Choosing A Road Bike

July 17, 2017

Time to read: 1 min




Summer is well and truly here! Hurrah!


Want that wind in your hair - bugs in your face look?


Road biking is rife this time of year but how do you choose a good road bike?


Check out this quick & easy guide!



You want:

  • To ride mainly on roads and urban paths

  • Easy to ride bike

  • Lightweight bike

  • Comfy


You don't want:

  • To ride on ultra rugged terrain or hills - saddle soreness is not chic!

  • To go up against Bradley Wiggins - speed is not ya’ thang



  • To buy around August - this time of year is a great time to buy as there are lots of sales


  • To buy from a good online store - Equipe recommends Wiggle - for a great choice and shipping options


  • To get a hybrid road bike frame for lightness with upright bars for comfort


  • Bikes with a good range of gearing for getting around town and the odd hills


  • Something that will handle some gravel paths or sandy paths but is not designed for full off-road (the brand Eastway have good options)


  • Bikes with disc brakes so it is lower maintenance and these tend to be nicer than rim brakes


  • Carefully about frame size - check with wiggle or whatever shop you buy from that you get the right size for your height. Most bikes are unisex so you won't need a gender-specific frame, provided you are comfortable with the correct frame size



Happy cycling Life By Equipe peeps!



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