5 Christmas Picks For Yoga Lovers #EthicalGiving

All is Calm, Bras are Bright!

Our friends from YO-MU where yoga meets live music, tell us their top 5 picks for ethical giving this Christmas.

If you have the list but not the goods, look no further than our Christmas guide for yoga warriors!

Get inspired and shop, shop, shop. No time like the 'present' !!!


LUCY BECKWITH, Yoga Teacher | @yomuproject

It's cool to be kind to yourself this Christmas...and others! Shopping for those yoga kit essentials just got special!

Surprise your favourite yogi on Christmas Day with Lucy's ethical picks from the best up-and-coming, eco-conscious & fair-trade brands, available on our store.

Milochie Affinity Yoga Bra

- It's not easy to find yoga bras with fun designs that you can mix up with your regular winter yoga wear + double-up as pool-side style during the summer months!

BlissCloud Constellation Yoga Travel Mat

- Wherever you go you can be connected. As a mum and yoga teacher I can take my peace and practice with me on holidays and in time away from home. Great to pop them on top of studio mats in yoga class too!

BlissCloud Premium Natural Cork Yoga Block

- For me blocks are essential especially for sitting and for a soothing restorative practice. It isn't easy to find good eco-friendly blocks like this and at such a great price!

Milochie Belt in Venus

- I have never seen such fun belt designs! A belt is not something I necessarily travel with but always a must for your practice at home. You can use belts for restorative practice and when you just need a bit of support or deeper lengthening.

BlissCloud Eco-Friendly Glass Water Bottle

- You'll never regret having your own water bottle at yoga festivals, classes and retreats, to day-to-day travelling. I'm not keen on buying plastic bottles and the wonderful bonus of glass is that you can clean it easily - keeping your water fresh!

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